The Perfect Life With The Valora Fuji Villa In District 9

The Valora Fuji Villa is designed by the Japanese Architecture. It is also one of the villa chains where is considered as the worth living in the center of District 9.

Which is the real estate project having the most worth living in Saigon at present? The answer is absolutely the Valora Fuji villa of the Nam Long – The villas are very luxurious with the medium price. Why is the Valora Fuji Villa where is the place most worth living in Ho Chi Minh City? The following information is the specific answer for you.

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Before analyzing particularly, we will introduce this project summarily. The Valora Fuji belongs the Valora of the Fuji Residence project which Fuji Residence is a major category in the Nam Long – Phuoc Long B urban area open. This is a large golden land with 16 hectares consisting of many distinctly functional subdivisions, some categories operated and developed.

The Valora Fuji villa also is situated in the series of property works, so it is highly appreciated in all aspects including geographic location, potential return, interior architecture, and utilities.

Let’s discover the famous Valora of the Valora Fuji Villa!

In addition to the Valora Fuji Villa, you can reference the other high-end villas of the Merita Khang Dien project.

  1. The Valora Fuji villa is situated in the prime location of District 9:

Reviewing the housing geomancy, the Valora Fuji villa belongs the golden site because of the location near the market, the river and the important roads meeting all of the criteria of geomancy. Around the project is surrounded by a range of supermarkets, shopping centers, and markets; the project has also 3 sides bordering Rach Chiec river and is located in the center of the important roads.

Relating the commercial, the Valora Fuji villa is appreciated perfect belonging the high-end urban chains and having the high intellectual communities (due to closing the high technology of District 9 and the technology of Samsung where have many experts living; the project is also near the National University where have many advanced students learning and living).

Because of its prime location, the potential development of the Valora Fuji villa is very large. The real estate investors will certainly not be easy to miss this opportunity. We believe that this is the ideal place for the stable living. The price is not too high, it is just from 265 317 USD/ unit with all of the amenities.

Valora Fuji

Location map Valora Fuji mansion District 9

  1. The high-end design of the Valora Fuji Villa with the Japanese style:

As the Valora Kikyo, the Valora Fuji villa is designed the Japanese style from the architecture to the interior. Looking at the villa’s space, you will find the cozy and luxury space, the natural factors are mixed with the human life greatly.

The wood floors, the sliding door, and the open space are the special things designed in the villa, and they are also the factors attracting the customers by an intimacy with nature. The investor and their partner expressed that the Valora Fuji Villa is really a peace anthem of nature. In there, the human is considered as the center and peacefully live with nature.

Valora Fuji District 9

The perfect utility system at the Villa Valora Fuji District 9

Every detail in the Villa is the subtle, gently. Living in the Villa Valora Fuji, you will like living in a lush green farm green, fresh air, and quiet peace. If you prefer a life separate from the noise, the town where ã Villa Valora Fuji is an excellent residential place reserved for you.

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  1. The full of utility system of the Valora Fuji with the 100% international standard

Your home space is peaceful, however, you just go outside on campus, you will enjoy a vibrant life.

All needs will be met fully for your life such as the entertainment places for adults and children, the sporting places, the coffee houses, the luxury restaurants… You can enjoy all of the services without lacking anything… or it just takes a few minutes to move to the campus of the project where you will get the great experience with all of the amenities of external zone

Hoping that this information will help you appreciate objectively about the Valora Fuji villa. If you want to learn more about the project, please contact us as soon as possible.

In addition to opening the Valora Fuji villa, the Nam Long is also officially opened for sale the Valora Kikyo.

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