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The Policies An The Price Of Tha Ha Do 3/2 Condominium In District 10

Ha Do Centrosa Garden

Having a good impression with the Ha Do 3/2 apartment in District 10, you want to own it for the long residence? You notice the potential of the Ha Do Centrosa Garden and want to invest in this project to get profitability in the future?

Therefore, let’s find out the pricing policy of the Ha Do 3/2 apartment in District 10 below.This information is very necessary for you. Whatever you buy or resell or rent, the price is always the first element. If the price is not expensive and the method of payment is flexible, the project will be more compelling.

Learning about the pricing policy to make a decision quickly if you don’t want to miss out the opportunity.

  1. Paying only 30% before getting the apartment delivery:

Ha Do Centrosa Garden
Overall project Ha Do apartment Centrosa Garden 3/2 District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

The Ha Do 3/2 District 10 apartment is the next project of a series of works of the Ha Do Group. The success of this project has been foretold because the its “father” is the hitter of the real estate who gained the top 5 in real estate business having strong economic potential and the level of credibility in Viet Nam.

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Considered as the offspring of Ha Do, so the Ha Do 3/2 District 10 apartment has been interested when introducing. Almost all apartments are sold in the first time of the July of 2016. This is all thanks to the prestige and the vision of the investor.

Except for Ha Do apartment, the other apartments in District 10 are also attractive. Located in the center of the bustling District 10, the price of the apartment is just  96 344 USD (including VAT).  Owning the apartment with the prepayment of 30% of the total value, you can enjoy full of the high-end utilities.

This is a great pricing policy that the Ha Do’s investor takes for residents. Particularly, you just need to pay in advance 30%, the rest can pay after getting the apartment. Within 24 months, you will not need to pay any additional fees. During this time, if property value increases, all are owned by you.

  1. The reasonable price without paying once time:

You only need to prepare in advance 30%, approximately 42 233 USD, you can own an ideal apartment with the green space in the crowded city. This price was calculated on the Ha Do 3/2 District 10 apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 toilets. The rooms have another area that can fluctuate, however, it is also in the calculation.

Ha Do Centrosa Garden
The full facilities promises to cater to the needs of residents living here

This is a large sum of money for many people. However, you don’t worry because you don’t need to pay it once that can be divided into 4 different times (to the April of 2017).

By this way, you can easy to mobilize capital and in a period of several months, everything will be easy and convenient for you. Currently, the Ha Do 3/2 District 10 apartment is guaranteed for the loan by the foreign trade Vietcombank. Therefore, please contact us for specific advice to enjoy the 0% interest loan of Vietcombank in 24 months.

  1. Owning the Ha Do 3/2 District 10 apartment with the attractive incentives

In addition to the method of simple payment, when buying the Ha Do District 10 apartment, you also enjoy the attractive incentives including free 3 years management fee and the pool. Furthermore, you have the sweepstakes to own a great prize including 4 Luxury Mercedes and a range of other exciting prizes.

Hotline of the Ha Do Centrosa Office: 0909 890 897

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy the apartment 3/2 Ha District 10 in the opening round of the first sale since the prices are always cheaper than those in the next times. This is the good opportunity for you to own an ideal apartment.

In the future, the Ha Do Centrosa Garden’s investor will continue to open the sale the extreme beauty apartments in the second time located in Block Jamine 1 and 2. Expected when launching, Ha Do Centrosa will make the real estate of Viet Nam stirring in 2017. Therefore, please contact us to book a place as soon as possible.

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The Policies An The Price Of Tha Ha Do 3/2 Condominium In District 10

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