The Prime Location Of The Valora Kikyo

The Valora Kikyo Villa is one of the great villas designed the Japanese’s architecture and located in the center of District 9. 

The location is always an important thing of a project. If the real estate construction has a prime location which is convenient for geometric transportation, it will be highly appreciated and attract many people such as customers, investors or property experts. Everyone is interesting this project because the Valora Kikyo project owns a golden site. Therefore, when investor developed, it became the most famous project in the east of Sai Gon.

To learn about the Valora Kikyo project, you can read the basic information below

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  1. Where is the Valora Kikyo project located in the East Area?

The Valora Kikyo project has 110 detached villas belonging a part of the residential complex project called the Kikyo Residence of Nam Long investor and Japanese partner. The project is located on the Phu Huu Ward, District 9 in the golden land of the center of the East area where is developing recently.

It takes 5 minutes to move from the Valora Kikyo villas project to the villas of the Thap Muoi Merita Khang Dien project by car where is nearly completely built. It is expected that will be open the official sale in the first quarter of 2017

Reviewing the geographically, the location of the Valora Kikyo is considered as the prime location of District 9 with 3 sides bordering river. It is also located on between the important transportation and high-end residential area connecting with the other region of the city. This is an extremely good position for geomancy which will bring the wealth for the family.

Valora Kikyo Villa

Site map of Valora Kikyo Villa Nam Long District 9 Project center

Reviewing the East area, the Valora Kikyo project is the redoubtable real estate construction which is the direct competitor with the other works. It is wonderful when living Ho Chi Minh City where has the river, the trees, and the trade bringing you the great experiences.

The price of a detached villa including 1 ground floor and 1 floor is 264 085 USD, you can enjoy all of the attractive utilities there. This shows that the Valora Kikyo project really attracts the clients without using any PR. Instead of spending money to advertise, the Nam Long’s investor has used the intelligent strategy by reuniting the great things about the same place and the purpose is to “good wine needs no bush”.

The intelligent calculation of the investor in the first stage brought success for the Valora Kikyo villas project. Many clients have expressed interest in this project, even contacting us to be advised of the specific information about it.

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  1. The utilities of transportation of the location of the Valora Kikyo project

Located on Long Thanh – Dau Giay Highway connecting Saigon to

Vung Tau, Dong Nai and closing the Ring 2, Thu Thiem Bridge, Thu Thiem Tunnel and Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien Metro line 1… The Valora Kikyo project is really an important intersection. At this location, you can move to anywhere easily without wasting time too much.

Valora Kikyo District 9

Utility Villa Project Valora Kikyo District 9

It takes just 15 minutes to move the District 1 by car or 18 minutes to come to the Phu My Hung urban area of the District 7 and 5 minutes to go the District 2, Thu Duc. You can walk to the high-tech zone in District 9, AEON Mall Shopping Center or the Fulbright University (in the future) without using any public transportation.

Traffic operations are simple, especially if you move conveniently by car because it will not occur traffic jam or flooded.

In addition to the convenient transportation facilities, the Valora Kikyo project is also highly appreciated because it is located on near the residential areas, the large urban areas, and many high-end real estate projects such as the Riviera, the Villa Park, The Venica Khang Dien… Therefore, the residents can enjoy the neighboring utilities bringing more attractive and potential value.

Currently, the investor has received bookings of villas and it is expected to open the sale the first time in the early of 2017. Please contact us to experience the greatness of living space surrounded by nature (The Valora Kikyo project has only 16% of building density), the green place of the East Area.

If you are still uncertain, we will consult all relevant information to the Valora Kikyo project as well as holding the most beautiful position for you. Contacting us as soon as possible to buy the villa with the higher discounting, of course, you will be also easier in selecting a suitable location geomancy. Assuring if you want to reside, the villa has full of certificates.

In addition to the Valora Kikyo, the Nam Long has also other Villa projects in District 9 also named the Valora Fuji project.

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