The Spectacular Change Of The Narrow Space Houses

Many people are concerned about designing or upgrading a narrow space home. However, with the development of technology, through the hands of molding the architects even with a limited area, you can completely free up space, build or upgrade the narrow house reasonable but still beautiful as a dream.

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Cultivating the spectacular of narrow space homes

Improving a home with a narrow space is a positive trend to improve the quality of life

The birth of space design movement narrow space

In a time of market economy accompanied by population explosion, land fund construction is shrinking. Real estate prices rise every hour, living environment is increasingly polluted, life is too busy with many pressure plus income of the Vietnamese is not high. Being able to own a garden house or a spacious villa at a price in the air is far too much for most people. In this context, narrow space homes are the perfect choice for you to build a home.

Urban planning, ground projects, but adjoining houses with 100% of narrow space designs are born more and more to meet the urgent needs of the majority of people.

Cultivating the spectacular of narrow space homes

The bathroom of a narrow space home is freed of optimal area

In addition, most narrow-gauge space projects are accompanied by a long-term homeowner or landlord installment payments, not one-off or several-times as high-end apartment projects. Therefore, the narrow space has created a new trend in the real estate in Vietnam and is popular with many people.

The advantages of narrow space home

Just like any other item, if the quality matches the price and meets the needs of a large number of customers, it will become a new wave. Narrow-space homes also have the potential to convince you at first sight.

Cultivating the spectacular of narrow space homes

The liberation of space for a narrow home is worth both spiritual and lifestyle improvement

In terms of home design, each home is designed based on the latest trends to suit everyone. The infrastructure and interiors of narrow spaces are carefully selected from environmentally-friendly materials to sizes that are suitable for small spaces that still give the homeowner a comfortable feel. , the new ones are still very cozy.

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A home only beautiful when the design has freed up the maximum area and serve the interests and needs of users that are in harmony with nature. The narrow space with modern design will make full use of natural elements such as flowers, sunlight, wind. What is more wonderful when sipping a morning coffee in the morning sun or catching a light wind with the smell of the grass. After a hard working day will be the most refreshing spirit of the family.

Cultivating the spectacular of narrow space homes

It is also important that the cost of improving a narrow space home is affordable and within the reach of most people

An equally important factor that makes homeownership and home improvement projects attractive to buyers is the cost. Most of the adjacent pipeline projects are fully planned and subdivision of land with an average area of about 60sqm -100sqm. Therefore, the cost of a land or a house is not too high and when there is support payment is indeed very attractive.

Space home design is becoming a new trend in the real estate market. Instead of spending the same amount of money to buy an apartment, if you can reasonably calculate it, you can completely transform the narrow space to design your own home and where the family gathered together.

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