The Wrong Way To Arrange Mirror Into Feng Shui

Mirrors are objects that are very familiar to us, but if you do not know how to arrange the mirror by Feng Shui, the owner can encounter a lot of trouble.

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Indoor mirrors are an effective way to expand the space and also bring bold beauty to the house. However, that does not mean that hanging mirrors in any position are equally effective. In contrast, the layout of the mirror will arbitrarily cause the hostage to imprisonment, public health, poor health, broken feelings.

Reason Behind Feng Shui

Placing the wrong mirror is very dangerous for homeowners

The mistake of arranging the mirror makes the host take on the body

Here are some common mirror layout errors that may affect the life of the homeowner.

– Hanging too many mirrors in the house: mirrors have the ability to reflect and change the direction of flow of energy in the house. Therefore, when hanging too many mirrors in a space, energy will be confused, family opaque. In addition, if you step into a room with many mirrors, people are often overwhelmed, even scared to see many reflections.

– Mirror in the kitchen: a very big mistake in the layout of the mirror according to Feng Shui housing. The kitchen is the place where the fire, when hanging the mirror to make the heat accidentally, this heat boiling doubles up, making the kitchen into “fire magic”. If the mirror is broken the fire will certainly have bad points, family dispersed.

Reason Behind Feng Shui

Do not hang the mirror in the kitchen

– Hanging the mirror opposite the door: The position should be avoided absolutely because it can turn all the normal objects in the room into a dump, making the path of fortune of the landlord has many difficulties. Therefore, if you want to expand the space can hang the mirror on the side or behind the door.

– To face the Buddha statue, the statue, the altar of the family: This way the gods of the ancestors are not satisfied, the owner is not supported by the negative. More dangerous may fall into conflicts, massacres among members of the family.

– Hanging the mirror on the ceiling: This is a new way of decorating the mirror, bringing beautiful beauty, a luxury for the house but in terms of feng shui it is not good. It will be a heavyweight that overwhelms the head of the owner, creating a feeling of insecurity and also affect their health and well-being.

– Hanging in the mirror near or opposite the bed: Very bad influence on the quality of sleep, night sleep easy to dream, wake up in the middle of the night. If at that time sitting up looking in the mirror can see the picture is terrible. Thus, hanging mirrors in this way can suck up all the energy of the human, causing the body to languish, the skill quickly decay.

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Reason Behind Feng Shui

Placing the mirror opposite the sleeping line affects health

Hanging the mirror opposite your neighbor’s house: It’s not good because first of all, this mirror will reflect the image of your neighbor, inconvenience your family, weaken your mood, and make you an ungainly people. Not stop there, this is the way to decorate the discipline to discipline, two families will often argue, disagreement.

– Hanging the mirror opposite the desk or desk: Influence the concentration, the dispersion of ideas, the results of learning and work reduced. In addition, if you stay up late, the homeowner will encounter the mirror in the middle of the night – a dangerous thing to absolute taboo.

– Hang two mirrors opposite each other: Since both mirrors are reflective, they will disturb each other’s ability to regulate the energy flow. This also has the same negative effect of hanging too many mirrors in a room.

– Hanging the mirror opposite to the bathroom, toilet: It is obviously a bad idea because it naturally reflects all the home appliances of the owner. Hanging the mirror in this position also causes people to have many health problems.

– Hanging the mirror at the bottom of the stairs: Make people in the house often worry about everything by going up or down, look in the mirror they will see their images are missing or lack of head.

So, if you decide to decorate your home with a mirror, try to stay away from these dangers. Or, if possible, ask for help from the feng shui master to make sure that the owner has properly arranged the mirror.

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