Victoria Village Novaland Project In District 2 – Ideal Living Space

The Victoria Village project has the prime location in the center of District 2, which provides a cool fresh living space for residents living here. Let’s experience with us.

If you have already accumulated a certain amount of capital and needed to choose a comfortable green accommodation in Saigon, you can refer to the Victoria Village project in District 2. Although this is the new project invested by Novaland and having a later “lifetime” than other projects, the Victoria Village project in District 2 owns the ideal space in accordance with the standards that the Novaland Group is pursuing.

This is a great project in the East of Ho Chi Minh City from the time it was announced. At present, the project has been implemented and it promises to bring Sai Gon residents an ideal place to settle. Let’s find out, you know the reasons why we affirm that.

1. Demands for living in urban areas of the Vietnamese in big cities

Everyone expects to have a home not far from working place. In some provinces and cities, this is not too difficult. However, if you are working and living in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, this is a very difficult problem. Not mentioning the price, the living environment is the serious problem that makes many people tired when seeing traffic jams, smoke and high-rise buildings everywhere and not finding the fresh green areas like rivers, trees, …

Therefore, to find an ideal living environment, many residents in Saigon having the high economic conditions are still very hesitant when deciding to choose a permanent home in District 2. This is the reason that more and more real estate projects are directed to the segment of housing products combined with a perfect living environment. In particular, the Victoria Village project in District 2 is an outstanding product line in this segment with many expectations of the Novaland Group.

Victoria Village project in District 2 was born in the context of the expansion of the gateway to Saigon to boost its infrastructure and turn the East Districts of the city into the center of Saigon when the land fund in District 1, District 3 and District 5 are increasingly limited.

Besides, District 2 and District 9 in the East City now own a large area of land still pristine and not much “urbanized”, so the environment here is very fresh and has the look of a rich countryside resort. Therefore, Novaland has invested in Victoria Village project in District 2 in the B+ segment to provide Saigon residents more exciting living options, the place has the fresh rivers flowing throughout the year and the green cool trees.

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  1. Victoria Village Villa in District 2 – Ideal living space is cool all year round

To introduce about the Victoria Village Villa in District 2, this article is not enough to help you review meticulously. However, if you update the information shared by us, at least you will know the whole picture of this attractive project.

 Victoria Village Project

The full complement of facilities of the Victoria Village Project

It is not surprising that in District 2, Victoria Village Villas is the ideal living space bringing absolute satisfaction to all who have ever come and experienced. The Victoria Village Villa in District 2 is located in the main intersection of the city with 4 main streets. It is also known as good feng shui with rivers, trees, and the surrounding facilities.

Living in Victoria Village Villa, you have just experienced a private feeling isolated the noisy life outside the society and enjoyed the modern conveniences. You can also feel yourself in a resort with the five-star international standards, you can meet and communicate with intellectual civilized people…

There are a lot of great things when mentioning the Victoria Village Villa in District 2, but perhaps the best part is the eye-catching green area. You will be definitely surprised with the ultra-wide internal green park inside the project. There are a freshwater swimming pool and a large ecological pool, so when settling down in Victoria Village Villa in District 2, residents will enjoy the fresh air only available in classy resorts.

The project has officially opened to sell on April 8th, 2017 at a very favorable price, only from $95,450/apartment. If you want to own a villa or a townhouse, book now and wait for the next sale to choose your suitable position.

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