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Want To Design A Beautiful Two-Story House Does Not Ignore These Principles

Beautiful 2 storey house

Tube house is one of the favorite types in our country, especially in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. However, common is so but not every owner knows how to design it so beautiful and reasonable.

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Therefore, in the article today, Vietnam Real Estate will summarize some important principles for your readers know how to design a beautiful two-story house that still fit the living space.

2 story beautiful tube house

Beautiful 2 storey house
How to design a beautiful 2-story tube house?

The principle when you want to design a beautiful two-story house

Understand and define what is functional in the home

It is very important to identify where functional areas are important when designing a house in general and a house in particular. However, this is quite difficult, so not everyone can do it. That is why homeowners should seek advice from experienced architects. From that, the functional areas of the house will be divided into the desired area but still suitable for the area of space.

In addition, we need to note that the tube house has only a ventilated area, so the layout of areas such as the kitchen or bedroom to feng shui that still make use of dark Multi-function is extremely difficult. Especially when arranging the door, so many households when building pipe house in general and two-story house in particular or congestion comments between architects and teachers of feng shui.

Beautiful 2 storey house
Tube house is the only type of house open so the definition of functional areas is also extremely difficult

Take a simple example as follows: for example, for a beautiful two-story house, according to the architect, to place a toilet in this location to accommodate both floors 1 and 2 can be used. OK. But according to the feng shui master, that is the location of fortune-fortune, to build toilets like any other flock of fortune away. Especially with the two-story house in Hanoi, the area has been narrow, so that the location of the arrangement is beautiful and the weather is more difficult.

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It can be said that in the design of the beautiful house, it is extremely difficult to divide the function rooms of a pipe house to match. It’s like arranging small boxes into a big box. Therefore, there will be areas that become stuffy, lacking in light. Therefore, in many cases, you also need to consider the solution to create a light partition or to build a floor structure.

House design in harmony with the surrounding area

If you want to build a beautiful two-story house, the design so harmonious with the surrounding space is very important for homeowners. However, we do not necessarily have to design in a synchronous fashion, or identical, so it is easy to create confusion with each other.

One thing to keep in mind when building a tube house in a big city with rows of houses close together, for example, the two-story tube house in Hanoi, when you build the house, you need to ask or look carefully. Neighbors then record their home’s statuses to avoid incidents such as wall cracks, but do not know if they have been cracked before or because of a build-up that leads to cracking, …

Design of the skylight for the house

For a nice 2-story house, the ventilation problem should be taken care of. Therefore, when designing, should leave the front yard, backyard, wells to create sunlight for the house. Making the most of the space is just a waste of energy to illuminate, ventilate the apartment, and people who live in the house do not feel comfortable. However, this only applies to the design of a tube house in the countryside. It is difficult for two-story houses in Hanoi to be very difficult because the area is very limited.

Beautiful 2 storey house
Having a well will make your home more airy and bright

Limit the many changes in the design process

The homeowner participates, contributes ideas to the architect to design the house more beautiful and reasonable than necessary. However, it is better to come up with a clear idea from the beginning than to redo some disturbing ideas.

Do you need to give a thought about what a beautiful two-story house needs to be built, how? Remain left to the creative architect to help you. An experienced, talented architect does not make it difficult for them. So do your best to get ideas and choose good architects!

The above are some principles in the beautiful two-story house that Vietnam Real Estate wants to share with readers who intend to build a house. In addition, readers can also refer to the other beautiful design shared on our website every day. See you in the following articles!

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