Wearing The “New Clothes” For The House To Welcome Winter

Change the color of the wall paint

Changing the color of the walls of the house is similar to a beautiful young woman wearing new clothes. In terms of aesthetics as well as economic aspects, this is the most effective and simple way to change the look of your home when winter comes.

Put new clothes on the house

Paint the walls will make the house changes appearance when winter return

The cold weather of winter will make space warm, such as red, orange, yellow, brown or purple … become warm and close. On the contrary, for rooms painted with neutral colors, it is time-consuming and costly to paint different colors each season. So do not forget to change the “new shirt” for your home with wallpaper color is warmer.

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Spread a beautiful carpet

Spreading a feather rug is also a good way to make your home warmer than every other occasion. A beautiful carpet in addition to keeping the feet warm is also decorative effect for the house more beautiful, aesthetic.

Put new clothes on the house

The space of the house will become more luxurious with a beautiful carpet with appropriate colors

Usually, in the winter, you should choose some types of carpet colors are hot or vibrant like red, orange, purple, … Then your room will look much warmer.

Change the color and material of the curtains in your home

Put new clothes on the house

Curtains are a factor that can help the house glow

Winter comes, you can refresh the living space by changing the color and material of the curtains in the rooms in the house. However, you should use fabrics such as cotton fabrics, brocade fabrics, coarse fabrics or felts instead of curtains made of the thin material such as chiffon, linen.

Create color accents for the house

If you do not have the conditions to buy or change the new paint colors for the house, creating an impressive impression from the color will definitely bring you a unique living space.

Put new clothes on the house

Create more accent for the house with beautiful widgets

You do not need expensive items, but you can use thick and warm woolen blankets, wool, sheepskin, fake fur, velvet, and warm colors to create a great effect. About the sight.

Add light

In winter, instead of using white light from a neon bulb, you can replace your indoor lighting system by using incandescent bulbs, which will provide warm yellow light.

Put new clothes on the house

The red-yellow light of incandescent lights will make the house warm

With these simple tips, you can easily add aesthetics and modern beauty to your home in the cold winter.

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