Who Says The One-Story House In The Countryside Is Not Nice?

When it comes to beautiful rural homes, most of us think of high-rise villas, but few know that one story house can be as picturesque.

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The house that Vietnam Real Estate wants to introduce below is located in the countryside of Wiltshire in England. It is known as the Faerie Door, which can be interpreted as a house from the fairy world – this is the inspiration for the design of the house. Up to now, it is one of the most beautiful rural houses in the world.

Faerie Door – a beautiful rural house step out from the fairyland

Faerie Door is built on a very large plot of land of the family. If you look a bit, we’ll see this beautiful, 1-story house in the countryside covered with greenery and meadows, just like the story of old stories.

The wall of the house is built entirely of brick, no plaster, no paint, no roof tile is a thatched roof (of course there is concrete poured inside to ensure the house does not leak).

Around the wall, there are many large and small windows, which in the evening can shine the sparkle of light into the dark space. All of them combined together, gives us a beautiful rustic rustic house, simple and peaceful.

22/5000 One storey house in rural area

The rustic Faerie Door is neatly tucked away in the garden just like the scenery of fairy tales

The living room of the house is where the whole family gather, watch entertainment and chat after a long day of study and work. Because the size of the house is not too large, the living room is quite simple, consisting of a sofa set, with two single chairs and a small decorative table. In the middle of the living room is a fireplace – a feature of not only the finest but also of all the high-end houses in England.

 One storey house in rural area

Living room space of the house

This is Faerie Door’s kitchen. The facilities here are neatly arranged so the viewer is not overcrowded but rather the warmth of the fun of reunion parties. On the left-hand corner of the kitchen, there is a door that opens into the garden, allowing the smell of food to fly out while helping the space gain more natural light. It is not a fancy name is a beautiful rural home desirable.

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One storey house in rural area

Kitchen area is cozy and neat

Similar to the general design of the house, the bedroom has quite a few details, including only a bed and a small dresser. Next to it is a fake fireplace, only symbolic but enough to create a highlight for the bedroom space of a beautiful 1-story house in the countryside.

One storey house in rural area

The bedroom of the house is quite simple

The lovely bathroom was built in the attic. Homeowners also have a small window near the tub to look out to the garden, but when the need for privacy can still close. Looking up here, we will also easily recognize throughout the house is painted white walls with rough unpretentious logs that are rustic and close to old stories.

One storey house in rural area

Bathrooms have windows overlooking the garden

In the attic there are also two bedrooms, they are quite small because this is not a two-story house. But with the cool weather in England, perhaps the area is not a big problem.

One storey house in rural area

Small bedroom in the attic

Despite the beauty of the charm but to become a beautiful model in rural Vietnam, this design needs some changes to better match the hot and humid weather of our country.

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