10 Worst Works In The Year 2016

Although the market has good liquidity many projects are still covered for many reasons. A lot of people buy houses to scatter the buildings.

  1. Kenton Residences Project

Kenton Residences is located on Nguyen Huu Tho Street, invested by Tai Nguyen Construction and Trading Limited Company. The project has an area of 9.1 ha with nine towers of 15 – 35 floors, 1,640 luxury apartments and shopping center of 20,000 sqm. Total investment for this project is $ 300 million, expected completion in 2011.

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Thousands of apartments have been covered for six years

This is the famous billionaire project of the apartment market after the fever in 2007. At present, the entire project, model house, park fall into ruins. Many of the towers have been constructed roughly but have been discontinued for many years.

  1. Saigon One Tower Project

Saigon One Tower was formerly known as Sai Gon M & C Tower, located at Ham Nghi crossroads and Ton Duc Thang, District 1. The project includes a pedestal as a six-storey commercial and service center, an office block 34 floors of international standard and apartment block with 133 luxury apartments and other modern facilities.

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Thousands of properties exposed to rain in District 1

The inventor of the project is Saigon M & C Real Estate Joint Stock Company with shareholders such as M & C Joint Stock Company (49%), Sai Gon – Saigontourist (30%), East Asia Bank (6%), Dong A Bank Securities Company (10%), Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (5%).

The total initial investment of the project is $ 256 million. This work has been completed rough but unoccupied for many years.

  1. Green Building Project

The Green Building project is located in District 9 and is also known as Green Building by CIC8 as the investor. The project consists of 3 blocks of 19 floors, 1 basement for parking and many conveniences such as commercial center, restaurant, sports center, bar, park, hanging garden …

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Newly delivered house block B

The project was announced in 2007, when the market was at the height of the fever but so far the project is still horizontal. Most home buyers have paid 70-95% of the value of the home. Except for block C of the project has been handed over, blocks A and B still do not know when to complete.

  1. PetroVietNam Landmark Project

PetroVietnam Landmark is invested by PetroVietnam Real Estate Construction Joint Stock Company (PVC Land) with the size of 1.9ha in sub-zone 7 of An Phu Urban Development Zone, District 2.

Vietnam real estate

The new project was restarted but did not know when to hand over the house

The project is open since 2009. Most customers buy apartments here from 2009 to 2012 and closed from 70 to 90% of the contract value. However, so far not able to hand over the house.

This is a long-running dispute because of slow progress. Recently, the investor has made a move to restart the project, but the construction progress is slow, do not know when to be able to hand over the house.

  1. DB Tower Project

The DB Tower office and apartment complex are located at 141 – 143 – 145, Dien Bien Phu, Binh Thanh District. Starting from the middle of 2010 until now the building is still a block of concrete in the middle of the sky.

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Over the past 6 years, the project has been inactive

DB Tower is invested by Far East Investment and Trading Limited Company. The project has three levels of basement and 22 floors with 3 basements for parking. From the ground floor to the 14th floor is the office area for rent. Floor 15 to floor 22 is 76 luxury apartments.

  1. Project V – Ikon

Located at DB Tower is another building called V – Ikon invested by Viet Thuan Thanh Co., Ltd. The project is designed with a high V icon approximately 126m, representing the name of the investor is Viet Thuan Thanh.

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Project over blanket because the owner is out of money

The building has 4 basements and 26 floors with office space of 11,000sq.m. Although the installation of glass from mid-2013 but so far the work is also very chaotic because investors can not afford to continue to improve.

  1. Project 584 Lilama

Traffic Construction Investment and Exploitation Joint Stock Company No. 584 has collected money from customers at 584 Lilama SHB project on Trinh Dinh Trong street, Tan Phu district, but now the project remains dormant, despite the deadline Home delivery was 5 years late.

Vietnam real estate

The project has expired five years

The project was finished rough but the door is four-sided, not a shadow. The work has been completed rough but long time not implemented should start to degrade.

Project 584 Lilama has a total investment estimated at VND300 billion, built on an area of more than 5,238 sqm. The project consists of two blocks of 20 floors with 428 apartments with an area of 47 – 72sqm, each floor has 22 apartments.

  1. Van Hung Phat high-class apartment project

Van Hung Phat Construction Trade Co., Ltd is the owner of Van Hung Phat high-class apartment project at 339 Bong Sao, Ward 5, District 8. Currently, dozens of residents of this project are suing the owner. due to the delay of handing over the project, illegal mobilization of 97 households when not completed the foundation. The project is only a wildland area, the investor has not yet paid the land use fee.

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There was a fee of 97 people, but the project was just a wasteland

HCMC People’s Committee fined VND 70 million for administrative violations with Van Hung Phat Company. When the buyer sought the address in the contract at 112 – 114, Tung Thien Vuong, Ward 13, District 8, the company has moved to another location.

  1. Gia Phu apartment building

Gia Phu apartment project in Thu Duc has 156 apartments but is sold to over 300 customers. Of which there are at least 68 apartments sold for more than 160 people, with the same apartment with two people even with up to 5 people.

Vietnam real estate

Although the case has been won, residents do not know when to claim money

At present, the project has finished the raw but abandoned when the investor has “run away”. All employees and offices of Gia Phu Real Estate Company are no longer. Up to now, this project has no way out. Customers bring the investor to the Court, although winning the lawsuit but also not demanding money.

  1. The Easter City Project

After completion of the financial obligations, the residents moved to the apartment in The Easter City, Binh Chanh district, discovered that the project is not complete and has not been accepted … Although it has been put into use, but in many areas. leaked, floor tiles, pebbles …

Vietnam real estate

Although many items are still in use

The Easter City project, also known as the 6B apartment, is invested by Quoc Cuong Gia Lai Joint Stock Company. The project has the size of 33,000m2 including 6 blocks of 30 storeys.

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