2017 Investments Opportunity In Aloha Beach Village Project

The Aloha Beach Village Project will be officially open in the beginning of March 2013. It will open a high yield and dainty investment opportunity in 2017.

With great advantage, long sea route with many beautiful beaches, many famous sights, the potential for Condotel development in Vietnam is enormous. But investment opportunities in the Condotel product line is still quite new because of the number of projects is not much. Therefore, pioneering investors will gain a lot of advantages when leading the trend of investing in this new potential real estate property.

Condotel in Vietnam is currently invested in different provinces such as Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, … Most recently, Condotel was Phan Thiet investor Thang Loi Group and Vietnam Australia Group co-investment and development. The most prominent and worth mentioning name is Aloha Beach Village.

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The Aloha Beach Village project possesses typical infrastructure with perfect planning.

The Aloha Beach Village project, with a total area of up to 15 hectares, is perfectly planned to international standards that are unique and unforgettable.

The typical layout of the project is divided into two parts, the first one is the typical ground floor layout including ground floor, Block A and Block B with 50 shop houses, designed according to the smart model, both for business, You can either stay in or choose to hire a shop house for rent.

The second floor is typical of the first floor to the third floor consists of 300 luxurious, modern Condotel designed in the style of the US.

Aloha Beach Project Feng shui is good, bearing many fortunes.

The feng shui feature is also a worthwhile consideration for investors when choosing to buy a home. The special thing that this project has made real estate investors extremely interested in it is that: Aloha Beach Village is located right at the location of “the dragon circuit pass through “, which helps the home owner to do business. More, protect the health of the family, prodigal prolific prosperity.

This is the place of the unique spiritual land of Binh Thuan province and also considered “Tu Linh Son Quyet”, where the Nguyen dynasty greatly appreciated this land while also participating in the fight against invaders.

It is a great enthusiasm and a perfect investment of the two corporations.

Aloha Phan Thiet Project is a complex of projects including resorts, modern hotel apartments, resort villas and high-end entertainment.

With a total investment of up to $139 million, the Aloha Beach Village project contains many large items such as Trade Center with 40 shop houses and 300 condotels; Resorts and 4-star hotel with 3,200 condotel apartments and 4-star international beach resort villas.

Aloha Beach Village Phan Thiet

The overall project of Aloha Beach Village Phan Thiet

In addition, the project also owns a traditional wine mall with nearly 100 scrumptious wines; Cinema; International convention center; a High-end recreational area with sports area, overflowing pool, beer club, gym, yoga, …

With all the great items that the two corporations bring the promise of Aloha Beach Village will become a very expensive, new and successful projects.

Realization of profitable commitments

Aloha Beach Village is invested by the strategic investor of Commercial Realty Group (CMC), designed by Architectural Heritage Company and distributed by Thang Loi Group. It’s managed by the Vietnamese-Australian group, the chain management system of Feng Shui Resort. The international cooperation demonstrates the prestige and security of the project.

Not only did they receive “great deals” from the developers, but thanks to the rapid growth in the number of visitors to the high-end resorts and Aloha Beach Village apartments in recent days. This is also a good thing for investors when deciding to invest in the products of the project.

Investment opportunities for the future.

With an investment commitment of up to 10% per annum and a one-year payment right after signing the contract, Aloha Beach Village is a double-profit investment product that both guarantees medium long-term investment value. Surely business profits are stable and there is a chance of high prices in the future.

Aloha Beach Village

Interior design architecture is luxurious, modern

The biggest advantage of the project is permanent ownership. It can be seen that this privilege has not been any real estate investors have policies to support customers. That affirms the opportunities and expectations of the Aloha Beach Village project in the future, so this is a great opportunity for investors to catch up and catch a new trend.

The two investment groups have thoroughly researched the market and decided to develop in order to give customers the best investment opportunity, ensuring high profitability.

With the outstanding features and attractions that Aloha Beach Village brings, this project can be seen as a unique investment opportunity for customers as well as real estate investors.

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