Over $270 Thousand Market Is Waste, Small Traders Lock On The Highway

Chi Lang investment market over $270 thousand was completed over two years but still in the status empty, not buyers, sellers.

Chi Lang market, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province has completed construction more than 2 years but still no buyers, sellers.

Small traders here even though registered in the market but still clinging to the sidewalk along Highway 14 to market, causing a lack of urban beauty and traffic safety.

Approximately 3 years, implementing the policy of building the market of the People’s Committee of Pleiku City, but because of no land fund, the People’s Committee of Chi Lang ward called for the socialization of the market.

abandoned market

Chi Lang market investment over 6 billion is still not buyer buyers.

After surveying the area and issuing a series of preferential policies to change the purpose of land use, the establishment of private enterprises … People’s Committee of Chi Lang Ward has convinced the family of Mr. Hoang Van Truong, a local people volunteering to open the market.

The land of his family lies deep in the sparsely populated, few passersby, about 200m from Highway 14.

From a plot of land of 1.3 hectares, Mr. Truong spent about $270  thousand as a site, built a retreat system, fire protection, 22 kiosks, more than 100 stalls and a house system. The cage is quite spacious.

Excited because the market is focused, not rain, sunshine as the market sidewalk, hundreds of small traders registered capacity from the market began.

However, since September 2015, that is when the market is completed so far, absolutely none of them in Chi Lang market.

Mr. Hoang Van Truong, the market owner said that the planning on the road here is not radical, many small traders want to invest in Chi Lang market, but on the street there are many temporary markets.

Contrary to the scene of Chi Lang market, about 1km away, on the sidewalk along Highway 14, every three hours, dozens of bustling shoppers bustle, sellers with all kinds of necessities.

Innocent car buyers make up one-third of the lane causing a bustling scene that affects traffic on the highway.

As one of the first traders to register in Chi Lang market, however, Nguyen Thi Thom accepted the raindrops, sunshine on the sidewalk to sell goods. According to Thom, the position of the new market is not favorable for the trade.

uninhibited market

Small traders focus on the curb QL14

Explaining, Mrs. Thom said, Chi Lang market opened to the people in 3 communes, but deep in Chi Lang ward, the remaining two communes have to go far, on the highway there are sections to go over the tree new number of turn around the car. Moreover, the market is located in the alley with few people, small roads, so people in the commune also less pass.

With small business as Ms. Thom, as long as the sale, although on the highway, traffic is complicated, she does not care. “There is no effect here, because the big road, the sidewalk wide should be okay. There have not been any accidents”, said Thom.

Because of this inconvenient location, two years ago, even though Mr. Hoang Van Truong, the owner of Chi Lang market has offered a one-year sales incentive fee, but small businesses are not interested.

Chi Lang’s abandoned market is not strange, as before, in Gia Lai, there are many other markets such as Hoa Lu market, Chu A market … are relocated from the convenient location into alleys and alley worshiping, an even opposition of small business.

Once in operation, these markets are not as crowded as before. Forthcoming, the market is formed where both the seller and the buyer feel comfortable. But the markets are born of the kind of subjective planning, power will create waste of resources, hamper the development of the locality.

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