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Although People Have Not Received The Resettlement Land, They have Been Coerced Scrapped House

People have not received the resettlement land and it is being in the process of petitioning, Vinh city of people’s committee (Nghe An) coerces scrapped house.

On 30th of August, Vinh city of people’s committee hold the coercive force, dismantled houses and property on the land of Pham Ngoc Tien households (Xuan Hoa hamlet, Nghi Duc village) to make the project connecting 46 highway with Song Lam Riverside.

He had the land with an area of 660 sqm, the project recovers near 500 sqm having to move the residence. He has repeatedly proposed Vinh city of people’s committee to handle.

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Vinh city of people’s committee received and promised to consider, but then the text answered that his request is not responded.

Location of resettlement land in Xuan Hoa hamlet, Mr. Tien disagreed because he said that it is located in the old cemetery land which is suitable for building the house of worship and living. Mr. Tien wanted to the land in Xuan Dong resettlement area, but it not is accepted.

The reason is that if he received the land in Xuan Dong, many other households will also want to get it here leading to will not resolve.

resettlement land
Vinh City People’s Committee will continue to enforce ground clearance for some other households involved in the project

The other reason which many households disagreed that there have not been yet decided, it had recovered 35 m land.

Meanwhile, previously, Vinh city of people’s committee announced to construct about 15 m land and this is agreed by people.

On this issue, the reporter has worked with the management of urban development project of Vinh, but it also has not provided the decision, approved the project and the records relating to the construction project of 35 m land.

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The reason of recovering the proposal of 35 m land, according to Mr. Nguyen Hong Vy – Chairman of Nghi Duc hamlet people’s committee, is to help people avoid bad planning “hanging” lasting, the land could not be built, or restricting the right such as transfer, donate…

In the coming time, Vinh city of people’s committee will continue to implement coercive site clearing for some households related to the project. The causes of the households disagreed including having not yet decided, records of building 35 m land, questions about the origins of the land, the compensation value, the area of land resettlement… People said that they had sent many letters, but there have not yet been resolved and answered.

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