The benefits of buying a home for Tet you should know

Is Tet holiday a good time to buy a home? Take a look at the reasons summarized from the practical experience of investors.

How to buy real estate for the occasion of Tet?

At the end of the year or adjacent to Tet, the real estate market is always more active as both buyers and sellers are in great demand. Investors will try to expand the remaining stocks and open the sale of ready to complete projects in time. Buyers want to have a spacious place to welcome new year so the demand is very high. Although the real estate market fluctuates like this, this is still the time when the transaction is exciting compared to the year.

Why choose to buy a house for Tet?

The market has many favorable factors for customers

The market supply is currently creating great competitive pressure for investors. According to CBRE Vietnam, with the supply exceeds the current demand, the market will slow down and prices can be adjusted. This is a favorable factor for homebuyers at this time.

Many real estate experts also said that home buyers should wait until the end of this year because housing prices are likely to fall sharply.

home buyers

Real estate market in Tet holiday has many advantages for home buyers

Many incentives and promotions from the investors

With the number of real estate products launched into the market while the demand of people is limited, investors will have preferential policies to attract customers to their products and projects. Therefore, the promotion, great incentives will be greatly opened. This has a positive impact on people’s decision to buy houses and also a favorable factor for them.

There are many options for customers

Also in the context of the market with many projects, many housing products are launched, customers will have more choices: Select real estate owners, select quality housing products with best price. The more comparable options, the easier it is for home buyers to buy their home.

Be more consultative

Real estate market will be bustling about 1 month before Tet, however the more Tet, the situation of buying and selling real estate will be more bustling, now you look to the real estate brokerage floor will be multiplied The broker carefully caring. They will be more positive in finding the right home for your requirements. At the same time, you will not have the time to consult with you.

Advantages of financial loan procedures

The benefits of buying a home for Tet you should know

Banks offer many incentives for home buyers during Tet

Buying a house is not only related to brokers, landlords or investors, but also involves many other services such as banking, inspection services, moving house services, house cleaning … Usually on the occasion of Tet, The bank will promote loan disbursement services, especially home loans. This will facilitate the financial preparation of the customer. For example, HSBC offers interest rate 6.49% when buying a house and BIDV interest rate is only 7.1% / year for the first 6 months or 7.6% for the first year …

Note when buying a home last year

Although the year-end market has many favorable factors for homebuyers, especially at the end of this year, but in the chaotic context with too many projects, investors, homebuyers are also very easy to get stuck between Heap choices and do not know where is the best option. Moreover, the real estate market still has many investors do business snatching, borrowing promotion methods, stimulating demand to cover the home buyer. Therefore, in order not to fall into the scene of disability, the home buyer must be very careful in choosing the investor and the project.

The benefits of buying a home for Tet you should know

Buying a home for Tet should pay attention to the issue of installment payments

Some other considerations for buying a house for Tet holiday are always convenient and safe:

Do not dizzy before the promotion, attractive incentives. Although it is an advantage to buy a home at the end of the year, you need to be alert to select a reputable investor to prioritize the core value of the home and the legal basis of the project. So there is no need to rush but study carefully.

Do not be trapped in price fever, price increases at the end of the year because it is only a local phenomenon. It is possible that the price increase is just a virtual increase of the market.

Considering selling prices in nearby areas, learning about regional pricing history, planning information, and seeking expert assistance before deciding to buy down high-priced real estate.

Be careful about the game when you buy. Some projects will offer attractive interest rates in the early years such as 0%, however, you need to ask the bank loan consultant to fill in the lending procedures that interest rates in the following years will change like that. : Fixed or floating market interest rates for home loans? If float by market, is there a ceiling interest rate?

Buying a house for Tet is obviously a great opportunity with many advantages. However, to take advantage of these advantages thoroughly the buyer must remain vigilant and careful.

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