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To be safe in the event of fire, residents living in the apartment must know these 10 things

escape exits

The latest fire in a residential apartment in District 8, HCM City has caused significant damage to the lives and property of residents, and caused much concern for people living in high buildings. In this article, Realestatevietnam will point out 10 things to note that any resident of the apartment must know to ensure their safety for themselves and their families.

One of the most noticeable is that in most fires, the majority of deaths are due to smoke exhaustion rather than burns or death. Therefore, the first rule when dealing with a fire is to calm down, to look carefully, to find ways to evacuate the area as quickly as possible and to let people know there is fire and rescue.

In addition, you must thoroughly understand the knowledge of fire and safety tips below:

Knowledge of fire in the apartment you should know:

The first: When the apartment building on fire in the upper floor, smoke, fire spread downstairs is not?

The answer is yes. Accordingly, the fire can spread down the floor through the material as the front cover the building, walls, electric wires … The fire will spread in the direction of the wind.

On the other hand, smoke is usually flushed upwards but can spread down the pipe.

Second: Why escape exits need two doors?

In strict accordance with the standard, the exit door must have two layers of doors to have buffer space, a pressure boosting system to prevent smoke and toxic gas from other rooms spread into the escape stairs.

For fire safety, apartment dwellers must be aware of these 9 things

escape exits
When you have a fire in the apartment, you must use escalators and absolutely do not use elevators

Third: Is plaster ceiling easy to burn in case of trouble?

On fire, ordinary plaster ceiling will quickly collapse to endanger life. Therefore, to ensure safety, the household should use fireproof plaster ceiling.

Fourth: Should you open the door when you go to bed?

Answer: Do not. Not only privacy but the closure also avoids fire spread when trouble. In addition, homeowners need to unplug all electrical and electronic equipment; Do not burn candles, make cigarette butts fire, ensure all air passages.

Fifth: Should there be one or more circuit breakers in the home?

To ensure the safety and efficient use of each device, each apartment should have multiple circuit breakers that have one unit in common. In addition, you should arrange additional circuit breakers for lighting, high power … to disconnect power when the problem.

Sixth: The “good” appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners cause a fire?

Any electrical equipment that is short-circuited may cause an explosion. Light level is when the plug is plugged in, heavy burns the device, if there is material near the fire, it can burn more.

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Seventh: Should residents stay in the apartment if a fire occurs in another apartment?

According to the Independent, in the UK, firefighters give advice to people living in the apartment:

  • If there is a fire in your room, exit immediately and call the fire department.
  • If there is a fire in another place, do not open any door that feels hot, the whole house is put into a room and closed. Use a wet towel to insert the bottom of the door. If near the window, you can open to take the air and let the rescue force see you and call the fire department.

For fire safety, apartment dwellers must be aware of these 9 things

If there is a fire in another apartment, do not open any door that feels hot

The basis for fire brigades in the UK to issue this advice is based on the requirement that buildings use good materials so that fire can not spread quickly. Doors must have fire resistance of 30 minutes, enough time for outsiders to save. As a result, people in the home will be safe for at least 30 minutes instead of out and smoke.

However, this solution will be very harmful to buildings that do not comply with fire protection standards.

Eighth: When the fire bell rings, what should the inhabitants do?

As soon as a fire alarm sounds, the occupants of the room immediately evacuate the apartment unless otherwise stated by the management of the apartment via loudspeaker. If you see the smoke flooding the corridor, the escape route, the LOW BOWL or the LOWER to escape the escalator.

Ninth: Should we use the lift when there is a fire?

The answer is: EXPRESSLY NOT TO USE THE LOUNGE IN THE FIRE. If your family is having a hard time walking, calmly take them to a place where you feel safe and quickly call for help.

Tenth: What should I do when I get out of the balcony?

Can be used ladder, wire, curtain, ga … resumed to low. Absolutely not jump from the upper floors without the guidance of the rescue. Use a flashlight or colored clothing to signal the police to locate your location.

Some other tips in the event of a fire in the apartment:

Living on high floors does not mean you are more dangerous than having a fire. High rise apartments with walls, ceilings and fire doors will help block fire and smoke. Most of your escape plans are like ground houses, but there are some differences:

  • You will not be able to use the lift when there is fire, so consider this when choosing an escape route.
  • Count how many doors on the way to the stairs when you can not use the elevator, in case you do not see the road.
  • Make sure the stairs and exit doors are free from obstructions and the door is never locked.
  • Regular check to ensure that you can open the stairs door from both sides.
  • Find available emergency exits with indicator lights or listen to loudspeakers. When running, inform the neighboring rooms that there is a fire.
  • If you have to cross the fire, use a mask or a blanket, wet water over your body. Follow the principle of low humidity when moving because smoke is always high. Sometimes, crawl on the floor if the smoke is concentrated, to avoid choking and getting out.

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  • When opening the door, place your hand on the door to check the temperature (by touching the door). When open, the person should be kept away from the fire and avoided due to the pressure difference. If the temperature is too high absolutely not open but find another way.

Over and over again, Realestatevietnam has provided knowledge of fire and fire advice in the apartment. To ensure your safety and your family, you absolutely have to master these things.

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