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Guide to choose apartments for spouses with children

Guide to choose apartments for spouses with children

For young couples with children, picking up apartment is not easy. Through this article, Realestatevietnam will give you some suggestions to make buying your family apartment easier.

The location of the apartment should be near the school

When choosing to buy an apartment, you need to pay special attention to the location of the project because it greatly affects the convenience of your work as well as the education of your children later. . Of course, the closer your apartment is to school, the easier it will be for your spouse to take your child to school every day. Remember, your child’s education will last from the time your child attends preschool until his or her adult age is estimated to be over 20 years old. Therefore, the choice of apartments near the center, the education system is very important. In addition to the school, you should also consider yourself an apartment located near the hospital or supermarket, commercial center to facilitate the life of the whole family.

Guide to choose apartments for spouses with children
Have children, couples should choose apartments near the school

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According to Realestatevietnam’s survey, District 2 and Binh Thanh Districts now have two highly developed infrastructure systems, education and healthcare systems in HCMC, the cost of education at two This district is quite suitable for all families. Some famous international schools in District 2 include: The American School, The International School of BVIS, Australian International School (AIS) … You can find out more: International famous in District 2.

Another note that Realestatevietnam would like to recommend to your spouse is not because of lack of money that buy a house too far from the city center. If the apartment you plan to buy is not beautiful, you can repair it in the future but the location is unmanageable.

Apartment must have high balcony design, child friendly furniture

When choosing to buy an apartment, in addition to the husband and wife you learn the capacity and reputation of the project investors need to carefully consider the design inside the apartment that they intend to buy. For families with children, special attention should be paid to the design of the apartment balcony area. The balcony should be high and designed to protect the surrounding edges, to prevent children climbing or hitting the head is very dangerous. In addition, the couple should give points to apartments equipped with soundproofed kitchen systems and apartments that use some environmentally friendly furniture, especially not dangerous for Your baby’s health.

Guide to choose apartments for spouses with children
As a parent, you have to be very careful when choosing a good and safe place for your children

Condominium must have good living environment

Your family needs a good environment to live in, especially when there are young children in the home. The house you are going to buy is probably where you spend your whole life, even your grandchildren there. Therefore, you should study the environment thoroughly. Poor environment such as garbage, noise pollution … will definitely affect the quality of life of you and your family. These are factors that have a long-term effect, so you definitely have to study and consider carefully.

For us in general, a home is not only a place to rest but also to give us an ideal life. If the surrounding apartment is designed with many trees, swimming pool, park and low building density, then what is equal. A typical high-rise apartment will include the following amenities: swimming pool, shopping center, gymnasium, children’s playground, park and other needs works.

Guide to choose apartments for spouses with children
A healthy living environment will help improve the health of the family

The community is civilized and highly educated

In the real estate world, “Tell me who is your neighbor? I will let you know the price of your apartment. ” In other words, the price of an apartment will depend on the community of the apartment right in that area. The majority of young families with children in Vietnam always choose apartments. This is why? Simply because most apartment projects now have a highly educated, homogeneous and civilized environment, it is definitely the best place for your children to develop in a holistic way. There you will have time to socialize, make friends with your peers and avoid the negative effects from the outside.

Apartment must have security, standard fire fighting system

With small children, you should also choose the apartment is equipped with standard fire alarm.

Guide to choose apartments for spouses with children
the fire protection system in the building

In fact, many apartment buildings have experienced fires that frightened residents. No one can measure all the uncertainties, so everyone needs to be well-guarded. Therefore, when buying a family apartment, especially for families with young children, you need to ask about the fire protection system in the building and find out if it is a quality system. are not? In addition, you should learn about security systems for buildings, access control systems in the building, CCTV … in the face of the situation of child abduction is very complex in urban areas.

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