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Why you should live in the Tan Cang urban area?


In recent years, a lot of real estate projects have been born but not all projects meet the requirements as many expect. Therefore, the birth of Tan Cang urban area is attracted many investors as well as customers.

Today, we will share with you why the New Harbor is expected to be a city worth living. Let’s find out through the following article.

The favorable location of Tan Cang urban area

In 2014, the investor is Vingroup Corporation started construction of Tan Cang urban area with total investment up to VND30,000 billion.

Tan Cang urban area owns a prime location, located in Binh Thanh district with its frontage stretching along the Saigon River. Real estate experts estimate, this is a strategic location, connecting other districts in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Tan Cang urban area is beautiful

At the same time, from this urban area we can easily move to other places, including roads, waterways or railways.

Because of that, once you live in Xinjiang you will not spend too much time traveling or moving around. Is not it great?

Tan Cang – a green urban area in the heart of the city

In the context of increasingly limited land area, the area of ​​green trees is limited, it is very difficult for you to find a green living space like Tan Cang.

According to the master plan of the project, Tan Cang urban area was built with a size of 43ha, of which construction density was only 23%. A large part of the project area is invested by the investor to build green parks with the goal of building Tan Cang into a green city in the heart of Saigon.

Tan Cang – a green urban area in the heart of the city

This can be considered as the right direction for investors because the number of urban areas meet the standards of trees such as Tan Cang is very little. On the other hand, the need to live in a green space of people today is enormous.

Therefore, if living in Tan Cang urban area you will live in a fresh environment, close to nature – which not all projects bring you.

Tan Cang – the most modern urban area in Vietnam

Under the master plan, Tan Cang urban area will be a complex comprising of high class apartments, villas, grade A office space, commercial center and amenities. Their goal is to make Tan Cang one of the most modern urban areas in Vietnam.

Real estate experts estimate, scale construction of the population such as villas, luxury apartments … of Tan Cang belong to the largest and most current in our country. Residents of Tan Cang will be living in the apartments with modern design, luxury, sophistication and the highest level. Most of the interior space is carefully taken care of by the owner in order to bring residents a comfortable and modern living space.

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Tan Cang urban area

Not only that, the highlight of this urban landmark is the 81-storey tower – the tallest building in Vietnam. Expected, this will be the office for lease with modern design for business needs of businesses.

In addition, the Tan Cang urban area also owns the Vincom Center commercial center with a floor area of ​​40,000 sqm for shopping and entertainment needs with cinemas, ice rinks, …

In addition, when living in Tan Cang, you will also enjoy complete facilities and levels with swimming pool, children’s play area, sports facilities … Vingroup also pay attention to invest in building the school system. VINYLUCKS is one of the most modern urban areas in Vietnam and one of the most livable urban areas in Vietnam.

With modern infrastructure, modern, high-end facilities, complete with green living space, Tan Cang urban area will be one of the great options for you and your family. Hopefully with the information we have shared, you will understand more about Tan Cang – the most desirable urban today.

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