Things you should know when looking for office in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the areas with the most diverse and exciting office leasing market in the country.

However, to find a good rental office in Ho Chi Minh City, you need to pay attention to what Realestatevietnam offers below.

Raise funds and determine rental period

This is the point that companies need to take first and it plays a decisive role in hiring an office. Depending on the estimated budget and length of time you will choose between a high-end office building or a townhouse office. The cost of renting offices will have a huge impact on the business of the company, so the budget should be clearly and firmly defined from the start. The stability of the cost and office rent will be quite favorable if your company decides long term rent.

office leasing market

Before renting an office, make sure you know the lease period and rent

Determine the location of the office

The ideal location for your office depends on the company you are dealing in, the company’s image and feng shui strategy.

Business field: It needs central location, vibrant business or quiet place, few people, … all depends on the field and the development plan of your company. In addition, the location convenient for traffic also affects the decision to choose whether or not to rent.

Strategy to promote the image of the company: If the size of your company is large, need to polish brand, office located in the city center will easily PR to name the company, attracting qualified staff, And of course the cost is quite high. In contrast, you only need a spacious office or a townhouse in good location.

Feng Shui: ensuring the ventilation, air circulation to bring good luck in the work.

Office space

The area of ​​office rental will be determined based on the number of employees, the company’s long-term strategic development plan.

– The average area for actual work space of businesses that can accommodate employees is 4m2 / person (including public area, technical, auxiliary and service areas).

– The business expansion plan depends on the size of the office, so you need to pay attention to this before hiring. Should this condition be negotiated with the owner to minimize the costs incurred when your company wants to expand the scale later.

office leasing market

The area of ​​office for lease must be appropriate with the size of the company

Note, there are cases when the lease you will have to pay office space and ownership of common areas such as corridors, walkways, toilets …

The difference between the payment of these two areas can be up to more than 20% of the total rent, so you should calculate the area properly and negotiate carefully to avoid contradictions in the contract. after.

Seeking furniture company for office design

If you have an interior company that performs office interior design, you can also consult their architects to ensure that the office space and office furniture layout is guaranteed. For the purpose of using and working office. Sometimes with new office space, there are many related factors such as walls, columns, glass walls … may be suitable for your company may also be inappropriate, the expert opinion many. This will help you avoid many of the risks if any.

Working time

Investors will have separate regulations on working time for offices. Therefore, depending on the amount of time allocated 24 / 24h, or 8 hours / day, you will have to negotiate carefully in the contract if the nature of your company needs to work overtime often, you should schedule time Time to generate and negotiate these extra hours with the building owner.

Infrastructure, services, additional costs

When choosing your office space, do not forget to ask for the full range of services plus infrastructure and services, which are important factors for the ease of operation of the company.

office leasing market

Note the infrastructure in the area you rent the office

– Management fee: If you rent office space in the office building, you will have to pay a certain management fee for each m2 of office space. This fee includes: management costs for security, maintenance, reception, electricity, water, general area lighting …

– Parking space – Prices & quantity: There are a number of office buildings that charge a certain amount of parking space for your company, but most of the company’s requirements always exceed that number. . So before hiring and signing a contract, you should seek direct consultation from the owner about the parking space and costs, if not meet the needs of your company, the investor may be Make sure your car is parked right near the office and suitable for different types of vehicles at affordable prices.

– Time to repair and decorate the office: Certainly depending on business purposes, corporate culture of the company that before the official transfer office, your company will spend time fixing and layout. This will cost you one to two months, so you should negotiate with the developer for free repairs, or to cover some of the costs of repairs and redeployment.

Customer service strategy is always the first priority of the investor so you do not hesitate to negotiate to achieve the best office position for your company at the most affordable.

Corporate office is the face and symbol of the company, so the process of finding office is really challenging. With the current decrease in rental rates, businesses should rent and lease large areas.

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