Suggested plans to buy SaFira Khang Dien apartments lightly

With a flexible payment method, with just a few hundred million dong at the same income of VND20 million per month, you have the opportunity to own a SaFira Khang Dien project apartment.

In this article, Realestatevietnam will tell you the plan to buy SaFira Khang Dien lightest apartment even if you do not have much money available.

The estimated selling price of SaFira Khang Dien is VND 25 million / sqm. Specifically:

  • Apartment 1 bedroom + 1, area from 51.4 to 55.8 sqm will have the expected selling price is from: VND1.270 billion / unit (not VAT).
  • 2bedrooms apartment, area from 66.7 – 71.35 sqm will have expected selling price is from: VND1,650 billion / unit (not VAT).
  • 3PN apartment, area from 89.7 – 93.3 sqm will have the expected selling price is from: VND2,250 billion / unit (not VAT).

Step one: Check the amount of money you have at hand

The first and most important step in planning your SaFira Khang Dien apartment is to look at your finances. Ask questions: “How much cash are there in my hand?”, “What is the total amount of capital and interest in my savings book?”, “I can borrow a maximum of How many “,” What value but unnecessary things, I can sell or liquidate, and how much they are. “

Once you know the total amount of money you have, the next step is to evaluate your current salary, if possible evaluate your expected future salary increase. Make the best home purchase plan.

Immediately check the amount of money available to set up a home purchase

Immediately check the amount of money available to set up a home purchase

At this stage, Realestatevietnam  assumes that the total amount of cash you currently have is VND500 million (excluding borrowed money from family members). The current salary you receive from the company is $ 20 million per month. With these two factors, you are quite likely to buy SaFira Khang Dien apartments, prices from VND1.5 to 2 billion per unit.

Second Step: Learn and access SaFira project information

As soon as you prepare your finances, the next thing you need to do is to find out and access the SaFira project you want to buy. In this case, suppose you are interested and want to buy SaFira Khang Dien 2 bedroom apartment. What you have to do right now is access to information about the project. Please find out more information about Khang Dien investor, the official distributor of the project, the location of the project is good for your travel, how much the project is selling, what utility? … and most importantly, how does the project help the buyer to borrow money from the bank and how to make payment, the current amount of VND500 million – 1 billion is eligible for purchase?

Perspective of SaFira Khang Dien project

Once you know the current level of finance, you should take the time to learn about the SaFira Khang project

Step three: Prepare money, choose the distribution unit and buy the apartment

In this step, Realestatevietnam advice is for you to buy the project in the first sale to get the best price and the incentive from the investor. If you buy too late, surely the money you have to spend is very different than buying in the first open. With the SaFira Khang Dien project, the opening period will be around November – December 2015, you should note this time period to consider buying.

When you decide to buy SaFira Khang Dien apartments, you begin to choose the prestigious distributor of the project and make the purchase. For example, with SaFira Khang Dien project, Realestatevietnam is the strategic partner to distribute the project so all information and sales process of this apartment can be contact directly Realestatevietnam, or refer to the website Realestatevietnam.

At this stage, the most common question is: are I still short of money, should I borrow money from a bank or borrow my relatives? According to Realestatevietnam, you should limit bank loans to a minimum. If you borrow too much, paying monthly interest will be a big pressure for you. That is not to mention the interest will cause the value of the home team up. So if your family, relative or relative, you should ask them for help. With SaFira Khang Dien apartment price from VND 1.6 billion / 2 bedroom apartment, you should only borrow up to 50% of the apartment value, which should only borrow about VND800 million.

Suggested plans to buy apartments SaFira Khang Dien with an income of VND20-25 million per month

Customers who have cash from VND500 – 800 million, income from VND20-25 million per month and interested in SaFira Khang Dien apartments can refer to the plan to buy apartments below:

  • Total income: VND20-25 million x/ month.
  • Type of apartment to buy: Two bedroom apartment.
  • Apartment area: From 70sqm.
  • Apartment price: About VND2 billion, handed over.


  • Accumulation (or cash in hand): VND500 – 800 million, equivalent to 25 – 40% of the total value of apartments to buy.
  • Money from the family (or liquidation of unneeded goods): 500 million, equivalent to 25% of the value of apartments to buy.
  • Bank loan: VND700 million – 1 billion , equivalent to 35 – 50% of the remaining value of the apartment (Note: With SaFira project, customers can borrow up to 70% of the apartment value from the bank. Vietinbank, not pay interest, do not have to pay principal when receiving the house, the support period is no more than 18 months).
Standard payment method SaFira Khang Dien

Standard payment method SaFira Khang Dien

With the loan amount of VND700 million – 1 billion, you have to borrow a commercial loan with interest rate of 10% per year for 20 years, you will pay:

Principal amount monthly:

– 1,000 / (20 × 12) = VND4.1 million / month (For a 1 billion loan package).

– 700 / (20×12) = VND2.9 million / month (For 700 million loan package).

Maximum monthly interest rate:

– 1,000 x 10% / 12 = VND8.3 million / month (For a one billion loan package).

– 700 x 10% / 12 = VND5.8 million / month (For 700 million loan package).

Total monthly payment:

– 4.1 + 8.3 = VND 12.4 million / month (for the loan package of 1 billion).

– 2.9 + 5.8 = VND 8.7 million / month (For 700 million loan package).

Thus, the remaining amount after paying the bank falls into the range: VND 12.6 to 16.3 million (for the income of VND 25 million / month). If you save, this money still guarantees monthly spending for 2 people.

In addition, SaFira’s investor, Khang Dien, now offers a number of preferential policies for homebuyers along with a flexible payment schedule (30% of the contract signing price), a discount of 4% on the price. sell.

Customers note: On sale day SaFira Khang Dien will sell in order of priority from small to large. This is what you want to own SaFira Khang Dien apartments need to immediately contact the Realestatevietnam system to select the best order number and choose the best apartment.

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