Buy Gem Riverside Apartment In District 2 Of Dat Xanh Should Or Should Not?

When deciding to choose an apartment to settle, in addition to a variety of factors to consider such as: location, price, utility, project investor… customer also decides the choice of apartment based on preferences like in the apartment near the international school, near the major commercial centers ...

Besides there are many customers like riverside apartments coming from demand, the desire to live in one cool environment, fresh air. This article we would like to introduce

About a luxury apartment product of Dat Xanh Group, the project has two sides bordering on the river to receive a lot of interest in Nam Rach Chiec, District 2 about the second half of 2017.

Overview of the Gem Riverside apartment project

Gem Riverside Dat Xanh is located on the front of Long Thanh Mountain Highway – Dau Giay neighborhood near An Phu intersection and located in the middle of Palm City on Keppel Land and Lakeview City of Novaland. The project is evaluated to continue to be a successful product of Dat Xanh Group investors at East District 2. Thus, they can upgrade this familiar, cheap and mid-range household brand. Gem Riverside is designed to be one direction of a European city, which is a luxury, modern miniature. There are total 3100 apartments with 06 blocks arranged, stretching along the Giong Ong To river bank, one adjacent to the canal.

Location Gem Riverside Apartment

Location Gem Riverside Apartment

The reason why you should choose to buy apartments along the river Gem Riverside

Good Feng Shui

The Gem Riverside project is considered by experts to be a good place for feng shui. There is enough water, natural light and many green trees creating gas flow moved from the house to the door. This is not only good for your health, but also brings good luck, peace, money, prosperity for the landlord.

Good quality of living environment

Many years back, accompanied by the economic development, industrialization – modern, the country, especially in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, is the state of environmental pollution tends to increase day by day, causing a lot of negative impact on health.

The center of vibrant cities bustling, traffic congestion, smog … causing a tendency to look on the neighborhood, the better quality living environment, especially the apartment project riverside strong rise. With an ideal living space, no more noise, dusty but instead a fresh air, cool breeze, airy space. Living at Gem Riverside will make the residents feel peaceful and healthy.

Being adjacent to the river and lying in the green area makes the apartments filled with the blue of the water and the shady trees.

The green color gives the residents a gentle, relaxed feeling. This helps to relieve stress and anxiety in life. At the same time, it also is source of natural energy also helping regain balance, fineness and inspiration to enjoy the joy of living every day.

The highlights come from the inner park along the river

Dat Xanh Group has made full use of the Gem River Riverside’s proximity to the design and construction of the inner park along the banks of the river. This is the ideal place to live, exercise together, stroll with relatives or friends early in the morning and enjoy a sense of peace, breathe fresh air. It’s also a place for young families to play with little children, increased friendship between family members at the amusement for children. In addition to the above functions, riverside park also creates beautiful scenes and provides oxygen for the project.

The above are the benefits that the location near the river brings to the apartment project of Gem Riverside District 2. The project is expected to launch in the second half of 2017 and convergent many advantages from location, connectivity, living environment, and high utility system. Gem Riverside Nam Rach Rach will be a riverside apartment which is worthy to settle down and make a profitable investment.

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