Buying A House Is Not Difficult

“To save money to buy a house” is the mouth of many people. But in fact, the “save money” is not simple. “When is the time to buy a home?” – is also a question many people set themselves.

More motivation, buying a home

Buying a home is always a big target for many East Asians. It is not only an asset but also an affirmation of the stage of maturity, successful and social position.

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RichStar is currently implementing many special offers:

– Give the kitchen interior up to 65 million VND

– Pay 1% / month

– Up to 16%

– 1% incentive for guests in the area

Buying a house is not difficult

Two swimming pools spans 1,700m2.

In fact, the major of young people living in urban areas tend to opt for apartments, which is also a common tendency for developed countries, since they can guarantee security. Modern living space, modern and civilized. Choice of apartments also helps young families quickly have a place to relax thanks to flexible payment.

As the couple, The An (Tan Phu district, HCMC) shared: “My husband and I are very much looking forward to having a stable home soon and considering having children. Choosing to buy an apartment and paying on a monthly basis is a wise decision. We plan to spend more reasonable, the goal will be home tomorrow to help my wife as more motivation to unite and try. Ngoc Tuan, working in District 6, is also determined to find a new apartment with the thought: “Buying an apartment is not only a roof but also a large chain of utilities, lips. A better and more comfortable place to live. I tried to buy a branded apartment and good quality, so the family living more comfortable.

More motivation, more quality living with RichStar

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These thoughts were motivated when the Novaland Real Estate Group launched RichStar Complex ( – the first project of the brand. This prestige in Tan Phu district. With the favorable location at 2 sides of Hoa Binh – To Hieu street, along with the convenience chain of Novaland standard, but the price is very reasonable. Therefore, The An family did not hesitate and decided: “With the price of only 1.39 billion VND, is paid only 1% per month, there is no reason why we do not choose to buy apartments RichStar. The inventor of the project is Novaland, who has a good reputation for delivering the house on time, so I feel more secure. “

Buying a house is not difficult

With the price only from 1.39 billion, is paid only 1% per month, there is no reason for us not to buy RichSta apartment

Another important reason for the RichStar project to attract the attention of people who are planning to buy houses, including the residents of Tan Phu district, is the presence of the project will contribute to improving the quality and consumption. the standard living of the whole area. With a total area of 30,000sm, seven 22-storey towers, and a large commercial center just below the apartment will contribute to the busy area. In particular, the families who live owning the internal park, gym, children’s play area inside the building and two swimming pools spill up to 1,700sm. RichStar is the answer for those who are struggling day by day to own a place of quality and class.

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