Buying Gem Riverside Apartment To Invest In, Is Okay Or Not?

It is expected in the second half of 2017, the market in East area District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City Chí Minh will continue to heat up as successive real estate products on the market.

It is expected in September, the owner of Dat Xanh will launch Gem Riverside Dat Xanh product in South Rach Chiec urban area, which belongs to apartment project district 2. This project promises to contribute to heat up the market because the potential development in the near future will be quite large.

The article below gives an insight into who should invest in the Gem Riverside project and what reasons make customers trust in this project?

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Who should invest in the Gem Riverside apartment project?

Customers earn from 1320,04 USD per month, with a cumulative amount of 22000,75USD to 30801,05 USD, and want to buy apartments to accumulate property or rent right at first sale opening period. Customers who have idle money in the bank want medium or long term investment dwell on the east property, District 2.

Professional real estate investor

According to our assessment, at this time, you should not invest in surfing in the Gem Riverside Nam Rạch Chiếc apartment project because the infrastructure of urban areas remains nothing. This area should be invested in medium to long-term accumulation, which brings high profitability.

Location of Gem Riverside project and surrounding urban areas in the future

Gem Riverside apartment project of Dat Xanh is located in front of the road Song Hành Highway in the center of South Rach Chiec. The project stretches vertically along Giong Ong To River having the airy and fresh environment.

Gem Riverside Project

Location of the Gem Riverside Project

Gem Riverside is located between two quite large urban projects which are the town houses including Lake View villa of prestigious investor in Novaland sector with a total area up to 30 hectares, Palm City urban area belonging to Keppel Land investor, who comes from Singapore with total area up to 30.2 hectares with full facilities of living standards such as international schools, commercial centers, health care, entertainment areas … Thus, the residents of the Gem Riverside project, in addition to the built-in utility facilities also inherited the utility of the other projects.

The urban area of Nam Rach Chiec combined with 02 urban areas is also planned, designed and built completely new is Saigon Sport City with an area of up to 64 hectares (complex sports complex, gymnasium, apartment and Him Lam City urban area with a total area of up to 300 hectares of Him Lam investor into urban clusters with infrastructure, which is developed synchronously and most modern in district 2 just behind the new administrative center of the city – Thu Thiem.

In addition, another great project that needs to be mentioned is the Nam Rach Chiec Sports Center with a lot of competitions, swimming pools, stadiums … for international sporting events, especially the latest event is Seagame 31. At present, if you visit this area, you will not see anything to develop, but from 2-3 years when the cluster of this city is formed, this area will be synchronous, modern, and busiest in District 2.

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Where does the belief in the possibility of raising the price of the Gem Riverside apartment project come from?

Projects around Gem Riverside such as Novaland’s Lake View City are nearing completion. Palm City, Sports City which is owned by Keppel Land. They are developed by a Singapore-based real estate developer (40% Singaporean capital) or Him Lam City is developed by Him Lam investors with abundant cash flow.

Gem Riverside apartment project is evaluated that after completion it will increase the owner of Đất Xanh – this is a dominant investor in the segment of the cheap or medium apartment. We believe that, in order to develop its brand name, Dat Xanh will focus on investment, speeding up the progress of construction, as well as the guarantee and quality, the utility items project apartment of Gem Riverside South Rach Chiec as its commitment. Only two kilometers from the Gem Riverside project is the high-tech zone, Saigon Silicon District 9. This is the place where manufacturing plants, research of leading technology corporations such as Samsung and Intel factories gather. Once completed and put into operation, it will attract a large number of senior professionals, engineers, technicians, workers … This led to a strong increase in the demand for real-estate, the ability to rent apartments or sell at a discount to the initial purchase.

Gem Riverside Project

Utility of the Gem Riverside Project

Thus, the belief in the possibility of raising the price of the Gem Riverside apartment project in the future is that the surrounding urban areas are built and developed by the experienced and financially wealthy men who form urban clusters with complete infrastructure, so real demand will increase in this area, especially when this area is close to high technology in district 9.

Above is our review, analysis of the potential investment in the Gem Riverside apartment project, hope to help customers who are inquiring, want to invest apartments in this area.

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