Centana Thu Thiem – Should Buy To Invest Or Stay?

Thanks to harmonious response to three factors: price, location and convenience, Centana Thu Thiem is actively received by the market.

It can be seen that the apartment market in District 2 is happening very exciting, especially in the last months of the year. With apartments in the middle segment with prices below VND 2,5 billion – 3 billion in District 2 is currently very attractive.

Centana Thu Thiem apartment

Apartment office-tel  of Centana Thu Thiem apartment

Centana Thu Thiem apartment

Apartment layout Centana Thu Thiem

 With the harmonious response to three factors: price, location and utility, many experts predict that Thu Thiem Centana will be actively welcomed by the market.

In addition, according to documents payment method by Vietnam Real Estate aggregate from the investor with a payment schedule of only 2% per month, the number of apartments is only 300 units with fast growth rate “dizzy” in urban areas Thu Thiem in recent years is also the bright spot for investment opportunities at Centana Thu Thiem.

Flat rate of rental income in District 2

Not stop there, around the Centana Thu Thiem project is a lot of high-tech parks and many offices/factories of corporations, big companies. In fact, in recent years, most foreign experts and managers working here have chosen to rent high-end apartments in District 2. With average rents ranging from 700 – 1500 USD for 2 – 3 bedroom apartments in District 2, surely the apartments at Centana Thu Thiem project (with the price from VND 28 million / sqm) will have a sustainable rental income up to 10 years.

The investment direction at Centana Thu Thiem project according to the latest analysis and evaluation of Vietnam Real Estate:

Centana Thu Thiem apartment

Perspective of Centana Thu Thiem interior area

Short-term investment: According to Vietnam Real Estate, short-term investment in Centana Thu Thiem is quite promising and potential due to the small number of small, scarce apartments. Therefore, the low investment value will make it easier for investors to buy than those with large supply.

Investing for lease: If compared with other projects in District 2, Centana Thu Thiem conveniently move into the city center. In addition, services and facilities Centana Thu Thiem is also very sufficient so customers will prefer to rent here than other projects if the rental rates are equal.

Buying to stay: With the price is considered quite competitive in the market, in addition flexible payment method (3 months payment of 10% or 3.33% per month from here until the delivery of the house. Q1 / 2019) will help customers and investors reduce a lot of financial pressure. In addition, if customers need to borrow money to buy apartments, the current MB Bank also has many policies to support customers in terms of interest rates and borrowing time.

Not only prestigious investors, high profitability, Centana also “attract customers” because of the good price and suitable for families of young intellectuals in Ho Chi Minh City.

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