Ciputra Urban Area In Ha Noi: People Have Been In A Long Time, Why Not See The Hospital?

Introduced with the phrase flowery, full of class, but after many years of use Ciputra Hanoi Metro is still “missing” hospitals, parks, infrastructure has seriously degraded.

According to some residents living in Ciputra Hanoi, said that although the urban area had been put into use for many years, the urban area had not been completed essential infrastructure as approved. Accordingly, the project of a hospital, central park has not been implemented, many roads have been degraded, the cover of the manhole is lost without re-endanger the people.

Nam Thang Long urban area is the official name of Ciputra Hanoi, one of the major foreign real estate investment projects in Vietnam by the Ciputra Group (Indonesia) and one company of the People’s Committee Hanoi City as the Owner. The project was started in 2002, located in Xuan Dinh, Dong Ngac (Bac Tu Liem District) and Phu Thuong and Xuan La Wards (Tay Ho District) put to use.

According to the detailed planning of Hanoi People’s Committee, Ciputra urban area has a total planning area of nearly 400ha, of which the project has about 50 apartment buildings and about 2,500 low-rise houses including villas, adjacent houses. The project is implemented in 3 phases. According to the introduction of the project investor, high-rise apartment buildings are located along the main road of the region to create the face of urban architecture. Commercial and service buildings, low-rise houses are located inside the urban area, combined with greenery and regulating lakes to create soft space and improve the climate of the area.

Ciputra urban area

Smuggled images are not worth the investment in KDT is called “class” most Hanoi.

In urban areas, kindergartens are arranged to ensure convenient, flexible and convenient for children to study and play; The administrative and medical offices are located at the center of each unit for convenient use and management. The West is a financial services, commercial, cultural, transaction office, high-class hotels.

According to residents here about the lack of hospital infrastructure, parks and the deterioration of roads in urban areas, we have the opportunity to survey and found that the reflection is grounded. Accordingly, in the area near the Sunshine City project site, the road here was plowed into the mud, many sections lost manholes but no unit was repaired.

Regarding the project of the hospital in the urban area, it is only built fenced and stretched so that the project is still empty land and trees. The future of a hospital project is still “blind” and residents do not know when the new, the central park project after many years is just empty land.

Talking to reporters, some people said that before coming here, they expected an ideal green space that is the central park. But so far the park project had not been built, many people were worried because the investor of this urban area was a foreign corporation. If after the sale of all apartments, investors “retreat” to their countries, who will be the park builder and infrastructure return to the people?

Ciputra urban area

The land proposed for the construction of the hospital is still “inferior to the moon” not known until it was built.

Other opinions suggest that although Ciputra has a system of pre-school, elementary international schools such as United Nations International School Hanoi (UNIS), Singapore International School, Hanoi Academy, but it is a luxury for the people because there are only schools that accept students who are children of foreigners or embassies, and expensive schools, which are difficult to meet financed capacity.

Meanwhile, in Clause 3, Article 13 of the Law on Real Estate Business 2014, the responsibilities of investors of real estate projects are: “Only transfer of houses or buildings to customers when they have completed their work, construction works and technical and social infrastructure works according to the schedule stated in the approved projects, ensuring their connection with the common infrastructure system of the area; In cases where the handover of houses or crude construction works are completed, the whole outer surface of such houses or construction works must be completely rendered”.

In addition, under Clause 3, Article 17 of Decree No. 11 dated 14 January 2013 on urban development investment management, the obligation of the first-level investor is “to invest in the construction of public works, the technical infrastructure and social infrastructure must be synchronized with the infrastructure system in the surrounding areas in line with the approved project implementation tempo”.

Recently, the leaders of Hanoi have paid close attention to the absence of schools, hospitals and parks and the degradation of technical infrastructure in many urban areas throughout the city. With the recommendations of residents of Ciputra Hanoi urban area, Hanoi People’s Committee suggested direct inspection of the whole project, clarify the shortcomings in the investment project construction in this urban area.

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