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DH Urban Area ‘Hang’ In 10 Years: ‘Hanging’ Lives People

DH Urban area 'Hang' in 10 years

Being in the planning area for nearly 10 years, hundreds of households have suffered from the loss of agricultural land, damaged houses cannot repair and transfer.

Not go, not stay!

The International University of Vietnam in Tan Thoi Nhi, Hoc Mon has nearly 100 households living. Before being planned, the above 925 hectares were agricultural land. Mr. Tran Thoi has been living on this land for nearly 20 years. But nearly 10 years, his family life was also suspended under the International City University project.

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He said that by the end of 2008, the households who cultivated and lived in this land had been informed that they should keep the current status quo, not to build and invest in expanding and not to plant new trees because of compensation and land recovery in 2009.

After that, Hoc Mon district sent cadres to survey, check, make the minutes of the current status, inventory of houses and land … and ask people to sign the minutes to wait for clearance compensation. Then the staff of Hoc Mon district and staff of Berjaya Group gave a milestone named “DQH urban area. International “around the land. However, since then there has been no movement.

Ten years living in the planning area is half the time, he must use the water every time it rains. “We were not allowed to build new houses because the government did not grant permission. To repair the house must take pictures of the People’s Committee of Tan Thoi Nhi commune, said Mr. Thoi and said, roads, bridges in this area also not invested.

DH Urban area 'Hang' in 10 years
The people have to live temporarily because they are not allowed to build new houses in the Vietnam International University.

From Dang Cong Binh Street, people contribute money to build a temporary bridge just enough for two motorcycles to pass through. The road is dusty and rain will become muddy. Ms. Le Thi Mo also said before the house in this area is very crowded. But since the planning was suspended, many people closed their doors and went to other areas to work as workers.

“In 2008, the authorities announced that they should keep the status quo and not plant new short-term trees, so everyone thought they were about to clear up and abandon the land. The grass grows luxuriant, only buy cows to drop, but there are no other crops, “Mo said.

The similar situation occurred in the urban university in Long Phuoc Ward, District 9, HCMC. HCM. The people here want to relocate, sell the house for medical treatment is not because no one dared to buy. Some buyers are very cheap. I do not want to live because the house was badly damaged and want to go, then sell is not.

“Hanging planning makes our lives very difficult. The building is not broken, the land can not be used, the purpose of land use cannot be divided, the land is not available for children, the mortgage is very low valuation … “said Nguyen Van The.

Consider withdrawing the license

In early September, HCM City People’s Committee has asked the Department of Planning and Investment to review the project of urban Vietnam International University in the North West urban area and find solutions to two options: It is difficult for the investor to be Malaysian Berjaya Group in project implementation or license revocation.

DH Urban area 'Hang' in 10 years:
Ten years living in the planning area is half the time, he must use the water every time it rains.

At the meeting between Chairman of HCM City People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong and District 9 on the situation, performance of socio-economic tasks, national defense and security in the first 8 months of 2016, Mrs. Dang Thi Hong Lien People’s Committee of District 9 said that the projects in the urban university are large. Hence, it will have a lot of impact on people’s lives if the project does not last long.

“District 9 petitioned the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City to direct the departments to review investment needs and scale of investment to make appropriate adjustments to ensure the feasibility of the project and ensure the lives of People Affected by the above projects, “Lien said.

HCM City Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong said that the city would listen to the departments and reports and soon have guidance on this issue. If the project has been handed over for a long time, it must be withdrawn according to regulations. According to Mr. Phong, the total area of nearly 200 hectares is no less, if to hang for a long time, the life of the people more difficult and easily lead to urgent.

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