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Diamond City Project

Diamond City

Hoan Cau Group has just introduced the Diamond City project located in front of Nguyen Van Linh street, right at Nguyen Van Linh – Tan Thuan 2 bridge, next to the road leading to Thu Thiem bridge 4.

The project has the area of 14ha includes 6 blocks with the height ranging from 31 – 36 floors with more than 2,000 apartments, 2 commercial towers which have 3 and 38 floors (helipad available), 2 multi-function towers of 20 – 30 floors. With a 24% building density, Diamond City meets the standards of a green city, the perfect natural environment in the midst of a crowded metropolis, a perfect place to live and invest in.

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With regard to the selling price, the investor is placed at a reasonable level to help the officials, traders, small business owners… and ones with average income to own the apartment as well. Besides, there are also super luxurious apartments, which possess the beautiful vision for successful people.

Diamond City
Diamond City project located in front of Nguyen Van Linh street, at Nguyen Van Linh – Tan Thuan bridge 2

Hoan Cau Group has fulfilled its financial obligations, granted a red book, approved 1/500, infrastructure is under construction. This is the key project in the year 2016 of the corporation, so will be prioritized and focused all resources to deploy and complete on committed schedule and quality.

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