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Do Not Let The Project “Hanging” Affect The Lives Of People

Do not let the project "hanging" affect the lives of people

Planning and Investment Department must review the planning, not hanging the project affect the lives of people.

On October 17, People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has asked the departments, branches and people’s committees to focus on supporting business development in the last months of the year. Enhance the administrative efficiency index on provincial public administration and administrative reform.F

Accordingly, Planning and Investment Department continues to implement the regulation on the management of urban architecture level 2, urban design of areas, routes have been approved guidelines. Adjust the planning to suit the development of the locality, not to delay the implementation of the project to affect the interests of the people.

Do not let the project "hanging" affect the lives of people
Urban International University hang nearly 10 years

Transport Department should organize traffic distribution rationally, especially in areas where there is a risk of congestion, traffic accidents, investment in the construction of roads, bridges… At the same time, the redesign Some of Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway, Ring Road 3 and National Highway 1A.

Urban design and renovation, creating beautiful views along three inter-provincial roads 50, 13 and Nguyen Van Linh, An Phu Tay, along the Tan Hoa – Lo Gom. To invest in the construction of technical infrastructure in association with the development of the railway No.1, development of the urban area east of Ho Chi Minh City.

Construction Department must focus on renovating the urban areas along the canals of districts, especially in District 8. To renovate and build new apartment buildings in replacement of old ones which are damaged and deploy the housing projects. society. To inspect the situation of construction of unauthorized or unlicensed works, investment in the construction of technical and social infrastructure systems in population quarters and new urban centers. To resolutely handle the illegal encroachment, encroachment of waterways, collection and drainage gates, causing local flooding when raining.

Do not let the project "hanging" affect the lives of people
Completing clean water supply for 100% of HCMC households.

People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City also asked the Department of Trade and Industry to renovate trade and investment promotion activities at home and abroad. To promote the efficiency of hi-tech industrial parks and clusters and the building of production-linked clusters.

Planning and Investment Department was assigned to expand its regional investment activities to enhance Ho Chi Minh City’s economic leadership. Economic restructuring of Ho Chi Minh City to service and high technology.

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The Health Department is assigned to complete the construction of specialized hospitals, high-tech treatment areas, satellite hospitals, Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital, Orthopedic Trauma Hospital, international standards and the procurement of medical equipment for medical examination and treatment.

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