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Explaining The Investment Attraction In An Phu District 2

An Phu District 2

The An Phu area is surrounded by Giong Ong To and Muong Kinh rivers, with the largest area of District 2 and many highways passing through Ha Noi Highway and Mai Chi Tho.

Housing projects in An Phu and adjacent areas such as Thao Dien have a strong trading volume with sales reaching over 95% threshold although still in the construction phase, can be referred to as: Masteri Thao Enter, Gateway Thao Dien, The Estella …

A new project is underway Masteri An Phu not been officially opened but still very interested in the market. So what is the reason for attracting investment in the An Phu area of District 2?

The latest reality survey from Vietnam Real Estate shows that up to now there are many large housing projects in the middle and high-end segment in An Phu area and some adjacent areas of An Phu such as Thao Dien are attracting. Great attention from buyers to stay as well as buyers to invest. Typically the case of Gateway Thao Dien project of Son Kim Land when the number of apartments sold up to 95% in the basket of goods although the project is still under construction; Similar to Thao Dien Gateway, there are two projects, The Estella (Keppel Land and Tien Phuoc) and D’Edge (Capitaland) when the number of products sold on an opening day is over 95% . Especially, The Nassim project of Son Kim Land sold 100% in the first sale.

An Phu District 2
Overview of sales of some projects around An Phu area

According to Savills Vietnam, apartment price index in HCMC increased by 0.7%, mainly in District 2, namely Thao Dien and An Phu, where the projects benefited greatly. It is located near Metro Line 1 (Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien). Many experts also commented that, with the advantages of existing infrastructure, great potential and outstanding facilities, An Phu District 2 promises to be an attractive investment destination for the HCMC real estate market.

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“Hot spot” named Masteri An Phu

Masteri An Phu is located in the prime land of Ha Noi Highway, adjacent to Metro No 1 and is located in the high-end project of District 2 (including Estella Height, The Vista An Phu, Gateway Thao Dien … ). This is a luxury apartment branded Masteri, expected to be launched Thao Dien Investment owner in the third quarter of 2017. Master An Phu project is competitive in the region, only VND 38-40 million /sqm. Specifically, Master An Phu:

Along the road with The Vista An Phu (VND 42-46 million)

Next to Gateway Thao Dien project (about VND 42 million)

Located opposite is Estella Heights (VND 45-55 million)

An Phu District 2
Masteri An Phu owns an attractive price of VND38-40 million/sqm, 10-20% lower than the Hanoi Highway

In the future, Master An Phu is one of the projects that have the potential for higher prices thanks to its proximity to An Phu Station. According to CBRE analysis, real estate around the metro line will increase by 10-20% compared to other projects in the same segment.

Masteri An Phu officially commenced construction in late 2016, as of July 2017, the progress of the project has been built to the 10th floor, expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2018. Compared with neighboring projects, Master An Phu has a late delivery time. However, the delivery time and quality of construction is ensured by reputable units such as Thao Dien Investment Investment, Coteccons Construction, Techcombank.

An Phu District 2
Buying the project is under construction and opening sale stage 1 will be extremely attractive price

The evidence shows that these units have done very well their role. Previously, on July 2016, Thao Dien Investment successfully sold Millennium apartment in front of Ben Van Don with special financial support package from Techcombank, just pay 30% until receiving the next payment. Expectations in the sale of the fourth brother branded Masteri – Masteri An Phu, the investor will offer financial packages better than the Millennium and previous projects. Techcombank is known as the unit throughout guarantee and loan projects brand Masteri.

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Master An Phu is very suitable for those who do not have the demand for immediate housing, looking for a modern and classy apartment, move quickly to District 1. In addition, Vietnam Real Estate said this is a good project that real estate investors should be concerned about by the number of apartments of the project only 960 units.

Why is An Phu attractive investment?

An Phu is a ward of District 2 (Ho Chi Minh City), where the People’s Committee and People’s Council are located. District An Phu has a largely residential area named An Phu – An Khanh urban area located along the Hanoi Highway, about 300m from the Saigon Bridge to District 2. The project has a total area of 131ha to meet the demand for accommodation for about 28,000 people.

An Phu residential area can be likened as the eastern gateway to Ho Chi Minh City, linking the city to the Eastern provinces thanks to Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway.

Adjacent to Thu Thiem administrative center, District 2 People’s Committee.

Connect District 1 via tunnel and Thu Thiem Bridge, Saigon bridge.

Connect District 7 via Ring Road 2 or through Phu My Bridge.

The project is about 15 minutes away from Long Thanh Airport.

The project is located right on Metro (Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien).

The projects along the An Phu urban area such as Master An Phu, Gateway Thao Dien, The Estella, The Nassim, Centana Thu Thiem … gradually formed as the strength of the area by the green landscape architecture blends harmoniously with the modern conveniences of the interior, promising to meet the requirements of living space in harmony with nature become the choice of a class of young active residents, love modern life.

Large area of land, traffic complete with 3 large avenue routes running through, An Phu area is planned to build large urban areas with many advanced facilities, civilized clusters. Typical An Phu – An Khanh urban area with apartment projects for resettlement projects, including An Phu, An Khanh, An Khang, An Cu, An Khanh. The high-end apartment projects are located in City Horse – An Phu urban areas such as Lexington Residence, Imperial City, The Estella, Estella Heights, Cantavil An Phu …

An Phu District 2
An Phu project map in District 2 planning

In addition to the high-end internal facilities built inside apartment projects, An Phu Residential Area (District 2) also owns a high-end golf course that meets the needs of goft people in the city. Like foreigners coming to Ho Chi Minh City to travel and work. The golf course under the project of golf course complex – sport – entertainment – entertainment and Rach Chiec villas invested by Saigon Investment and Development Joint Stock Company promises to be a unique novelty for you. When coming to district 2 in general and An Phu residential area in particular.

One of the most prominent features of the An Phu project is that the project named “Tunnel of the Tram” has been proposed by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. Total estimated investment capital of this project is up to VND 1,036.7 billion, deducted from the residual capital of Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway.

An Phu District 2
An Phu traffic junction with the highlight is two-way underground tunnel with a total investment of more than VND 1000 billion.

Under the investment plan, An Phu underground tunnel project will be divided into 2 stages, including:

Stage 1: Construction of two-way underground tunnel with 4 lanes, connecting Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway with Mai Chi Tho road toward Sai Gon crossing and vice versa with total investment An estimate of VND 1,036.7 billion.

Stage 2: Complete the intersection investment on the approved scale.

According to We analysis, when the two-way tunnel at the An Phu intersection is put into use in the future, certainly many real estate projects in An Phu area in particular and East HCMC in general will have greatly benefited the sale price of apartments in this region and contributed to the opening of great investment opportunities.

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Explaining The Investment Attraction In An Phu District 2

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