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Gold, real estate, bank savings: Which one should you choose?

On the market today there are many types of investment profit, but the most visible and most applied by investors are three channels: gold, real estate and bank savings.

Advantages and disadvantages of three investment channels: gold, real estate and savings

Buying Gold: This is considered as a way to invest money efficiently, inexpensively, less money spent and more comfortable in terms of time and money. Gold now has many different types, including gold, yellow gold, 9999 gold, SJC gold, … Each type of gold has different prices. The risk of gold investment is the price of gold on the market is always fluctuating, investors need to make decisions should sell or should buy for the exact time.

Buying real estate: It is considered a form of large and stable investment with high-profit potential. The nature of real estate investment is to buy and resell real estate such as houses, land, etc. Typically, the sale of real estate involves many parties (brokers, landlords, government,…). The risk of real estate investment is that the value of real estate depends very much on the market, maybe at some point, the price will rise very high but also will fall down very low, investors must real market understanding. Details of real estate investment experience with little capital.

buying gol, real estate and saving bank
Real estate investment is a lucrative channel but requires huge investment

Deposit savings (ie long-term savings): Savings are sponsored by banks, through interest rates that make savings profitable. Savings are also safer, less dependent on price as the other two channels. However, the risk when depositing savings is the problem of inflation, resulting in a currency loss of some value.

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So, what form of investment should be chosen?

Essentially each type of investment depends on the amount of money you currently have:

For gold investment: If you do not have a stable source of income, most of your income depends on the business you buy gold for storage in the home. Buying gold is easy, not dependent on time as well as financial condition.

For Real Estate Investment: You have to be extremely business minded, have a lot of money to invest and constantly update the constantly changing market.

buying gold, real estate and saving bank
To invest in real estate, you must have knowledge of the market

For long-term savings: This is considered to be the safest way of investing, which is very suitable for people with good economic conditions but not risky. Today, banks are encouraging customers to deposit with good interest rates, flexible sending time.

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