Golden Bay Cam Ranh Project

Cam Ranh Golden Bay Project is a modern, unique civilized urban area in Northern Cam Ranh Peninsula, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.

Golden Bay Resort is located in the luxury resort complex in tourist resorts of Cam Ranh peninsula, and built in the mere 80-hectare large scale. Golden Bay Cam Ranh promises to be a special economic zone to bring the national strategy as well as the international one.

It is said that nature is in favour of the Golden Bay City because there is a beautiful blue beach of over 17-km long, white sand and beautiful beach here, which attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. Therefore, Golden Bay Cam Ranh will be an ideal destination for all domestic and international customers to discover and experience the Vietnamese cultural identity,country and people.

Cam Ranh peninsula has been approved to invest in the construction and synchronous development of infrastructure by the government. Accordingly, Cam Ranh promises becoming a key economic zone and a new economic center and strongly developing cultural and tourist fields of Khanh Hoa Province in particular and Vietnam in general.

Overview of Golden Bay Cam Ranh Project

– Investor: Hung Thinh Group

– Location: Northern Cam Ranh peninsula, Khanh Hoa Province

– Construction density: 47%

– Scale: over 79 hectares including 8 main sub-zones

Especially, each sub-zone is designed and built following the architecture and style of different countries such as France, Italy, USA, Russia, Japan, Korea, Spain and Australia.

– Functionality: The unique mission of the Golden Bay urban area is to provide an ideal place for more than 4,000 Vietnamese and foreign experts from USA, Russia, South Korea and Australia.

Besides, the Golden Bay Cam Ranh project also offers a lucrative investment opportunity within the Cam Ranh Resort.

Golden Bay Project

Sea view of the Golden Bay project

Owning the prime location

The Golden Bay Cam Ranh project is located in a prime location, in the resort complex of Northern Cam Ranh peninsular which is a potential place having many resorts and cultural tourism destinations (Resort Mia, Cu Hin Golf, Park Hyatt, Ocean Window, Diamond Bay, and many resorts are forming and developing in the future).

The Golden Bay Cam Ranh project is located in the main artery named Nguyen Tat Thanh street (100m) and it is extremely convenient to connect to the important functional areas and famous places.

– Only 8 minutes away from Cam Ranh airport, top 4 international airports in Vietnam

– Only 20 minutes from Cam Ranh city center

– Less than 30 minutes from the center of Nha Trang,the famous tourist destination

Moreover, it takes only 1-2 minutes to walk to Bai Dai to enjoy the waves of blue water and the cool breeze.

Golden Bay Project

Map of the Golden Bay project

High-quality services and facilities

In addition to owing an ideal location, Cam Ranh Golden Bay Project also brings modern facilities and services to its customers and inherits the remarkable facilities of International Tourism Resort of Nothern Cam Ranh such as world-class golf courses, luxury resorts , 5-star hotels,etc. Moreover, you are able to use facilities available at Golden Bay as a commercial center, luxury restaurants, a sport center , hospitals, schools equipped advanced equipment, etc.

Happiness Square in Golden Bay Cam Ranh built in a scale of over 2.1 hectares is divided into two main functional areas as the modern shopping mall and luxury restaurant area.

The 79-hectare Cam Ranh Golden Bay project includes 8 sub-zones designed 8 aspects and 8 modern architectural styles of different countries in the world as France, USA, Spain, Italy, Russia, Japan, Korea, and Australia. You and your family can choose one of them according to your interests and needs as well as investment.

With all facilities, high-class services, synchronous infrastructure and modern architecture, Golden Bay will become a ideal place of relaxation and working for 4000 domestic or international residents and experts.

9 reasons to own Golden Bay Cam Ranh Project

  1. Golden Bay Cam Ranh is located in a world-class resort complex.
  2. Golden Bay Cam Ranh is a large are of 79 hectares planned synchronously and properly infrastructure, facilities, services, ect. Those bring 4000 ideal houses for Vietnamese and foreign experts.
  3. Golden Bay Project inherits the strategic advantages at Cam Ranh International Resort.
  4. Golden Bay is the first and only urban area design in this potential land.
  5. It has modern, sophisticated architectural style with 8 types of contemporary architecture.
  6. Golden Bay Cam Ranh located in Cam Ranh urban area has wonderful natural conditions. It has been a new tourist paradise, and attracted more than 2 million visitors and international investors per year.
  7. Its price is very comperative only “148 dollars / sqm – 17 thousand dollars / platform” and customers have flexible payment in 16 months.
  8. Legal Golden Bay Cam Ranh is “ENTERNITY”
  9. Number of scarce: more than 95% of the land reserved for tourism, the remaining 5% is for urban construction and can NOT be expanded.

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