Grow In Investing At Edge Apartment Of Capitaland Thao Dien

The Edge Capitaland Thao Dien project is truly an ideal property for profitable investment because it is located in a prime location of district 2, developed by the Capitaland Group and designed super-class interior architecture. Moreover, the project must provide an flawless living space and environment to meet the criteria of investment.

If you are interested in the lastest project implemented by Capitaland Vietnam and Thanh Nien Corporation, you should follow this article to evaluate the attractive profitability of the Edge Capitaland Thao Dien Project.

The Edge Capitaland Thao Dien Project and some great factors to attract investors:

To discuss the profitability of a real estate project, we need to consider in detail in many respects, three of which is particularly important such as location, environment, and owner’s reputation.

– With regard to location, the project is definitely implemented in a prime location in Ho Chi Minh. The location is not only convenient for traffic but dinstintive for the resident element. Specifically, in the Thao Dien Ward where the project will be built, residents are mostly foreigners from different countries with a variety of cultures and languages. This place is called the Residential Europe and America, formed from the period of French domination to the present and retained this feature. Most foreigners who come to Ho Chi Minh for working and living choose Thao Dien area as their “habit”. This special factor lead to soar the value of properties in this area. If you invest in the area, you can resell to foreigners or offer them a long-term rental apartment to make a profit right away. With a convenient location for transportation and a human advantage, it is obvious that Edge Capitaland Thao Dien’s liquidity is very high. Therefore, investors definitely will never miss.

– As regards living environments, we have a thorough analysis of the interior architecture and utilities of the project in the previous articles. Accordingly, the apartments which have open space with unlimited visibility, fresh cool environment, close to nature and full of internal and external facilities is designed a modern style of Singapore standards.Living at the Edge Capitaland Thao Dien project, you can stay in the apartment and experience full of facilities.

– As regards investors, Capitaland Group which headquartered in “National Lion Island” is a very reputable property group. It expands to 20 countries in the world, mainly in major cities in Asia and Europe. In Vietnam, Capitaland has successfully implemented 8 projects (including Edge Project) in Hanoi and Saigon. You can look at the projects that Capitaland has built to make the right reviews for its reputation.

Special Pricing Policy at Edge Capitaland Thao Dien Project District 2:

Owing to remarkable factors analysed, the Edge Capitaland Thao Dien project has become a attractive investment one. Investing the project is a effective lucrative solution, but it is neccesary to make a thorough understanding and an appropriate plan depending on various purposes.

D'Edge Thao Dien

The full line of Thao Dien District 2 full-class facilities

It’s important for you to know the price policy of the product, no matter which direction you invest in. Accordingly, the project has not yet been officially launched by owner (as expected, it is going to be launched after launching Feliz En Vista). However, according to well-informed circles and leading experts of pricing property, it will be quite expensive, even the highest of all projects of Thao Dien ward now, over the Nassim apartment which currently sold at an average of over 60 million square meter without VAT tax). Thus, if as expected, the price to own one apartment in Thao Dien Capitaland Edge project is at least 2748 dollar or more. The price is high compared to apartment projects in District 2 but very commensurate with the actual value of it. However, you should regularly contact us to master the correct information

District 2 also has many projects for you to refer to as the Palm City apartment project which you can choose for your family an apartment to live or invest reasonably. Hotline: (+84) 898 898 688

See more investments information at: Vietnam Real Estate Investments

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