How Is Cau Dien B5 Project After 10 Years?

So far Cau Dien B5 project is still bare land, grass grows…

Many customers signed contracts have to spend from $22,730 – $45,500 in B5 Cau Dien project of former deputy, former chairman of Housing Group Chau Thi Thu Nga. However, since the implementation in 2008, the project has almost no action.

Ignorance 10 years after the first days

Over the past days, the interviewer was present at the project area B5 Cau Dien by the Housing Group as an investor in the area of Phu Dien Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, absolutely no record of any construction progress is being performed here. Residents of the area said that the land was abandoned for many years, large doors dormant throughout the day. Nguyen Thi Yen, a grocery dealer close to the B5 project area, said “At first, I saw the truck carrying material, and the sellers rushed to inspect it not to build anything. Land is so wild that it is wasted like this is wasted”.

B5 Cau Dien project

Cau Dien B5 project has been closed for many years (big photo)

Mr. Tran Duy Tuong, Head of Residential Group 8, Phu Dien Ward said: “I have been the head of the People’s Committee since 2014, so far the project is still dormant. At the beginning of 2016, police investigated me to participate in measuring the landmark. In the past, there was a company leasing land in the project area to make micro-organisms. Mr. Nguyen Huu Thom, head of residential group No. 8 from 2001 to 2014, said that at the administrative boundaries of Cau Dien Town, Tu Liem District”. Around 2011, at night, they found a truck carrying material to the project area and drilled concrete all night. In the morning, land scattered on the road to heaven!”.

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Talking with reporters, a leader of Phu Dien Ward said that since the establishment of the ward in 2014 separating the two districts of South and North Tu Liem, the B5 project area is located in the ward area. “The land lot B5 has both vacant land, residential houses and office blocks of Hanoi Agricultural Productive and Agriculture Development Company Limited, not the entire project of Ms. Chau Thi Thu Nga. The owner of this land is the Hanoi Agricultural Productive and Export Development Co., Ltd., said the cadre said, the Ward People’s Committee has instructed ward officials and population groups to regularly check. In case of construction violations, they must compile dossiers for treatment according to regulations, regardless of any new ones which must be coerced or dismantled immediately. People’s Committee of the ward has set up a co-operative to build sheds and roofs at the end of 2016 and early 2017.

Self-modeling to trick home sales

Cau Dien B5 project is a joint venture project between two companies: Hanoi Construction Import Export and Investment Limited Company and Housing Group, which is expected to be located in the master plan of the city. Located on Hoang Quoc Viet Street (lasting), designed with 6 modern buildings, over 40 floors with nearly 2,000 apartments.

In fact, Cau Dien B5 project is not a commercial housing project. This project was officially named Hanoi Urban Transport Development Project (CT5) which was used in the resettlement housing fund of the city. The project has been approved by the Hanoi Department of Planning and Architecture with four buildings ranging from 11 to 21 storeys, not six such as Nga’s associate to raise funds for clients. To find out about the vacant lot for many years, the interviewer has contacted the leaders of the Department of Planning – Architecture Hanoi, but it has not received a reply.

B5 Cau Dien project

Hanoi has guided many cadres to commit violations after inspecting the project B5 Cau Dien

The customer named C., one of more than 700 victims of fraudulent money appropriation when participating in B5 Cau Dien project for PV, he and hundreds of other customers cheated money has pursued the case and constantly working with functional agencies throughout the years. “Now we do not want anything more than to get our money back”, Mr. C. said. Meanwhile, interviewer to the transaction office was posted on the website of the Housing Group Company at Vinaconex Building 12 at 57 Vu Trong Phung, Thanh Xuan District, it is known that the company has not been here for a long time, unknown at what address.

According to the police investigation, from 2008 up to now, CT5 and HH2 building projects at B5 Cau Dien have not been approved by the People’s Committee of Hanoi for planning adjustment. However, Ms. Chau Thi Thu Nga and her colleagues at the Housing Group set up model, sign, location and area of apartments and used to sign 752 contracts of capital contribution and more than 377 billion of investors. Now it is no longer possible to pay. According to the Investigation Agency, Ms. Chau Thi Thu Nga’s behavior has been a crime of “property misappropriation”. On January 7th, CSIT Ministry of Public Security has prosecuted the case, prosecuted the accused, arrested temporarily for Russia.

On October 2nd, the People’s Court of Hanoi has tried this fraud case.

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