How Prestigious Is Opal Saigon Pearl?

Opal Saigon Pearl project is a project regarding high-class apartments from SSG Group in Binh Thanh District. So, how prestigious is SSG Group?

Choosing an apartment for living or short term/long term investment from a project requires your understandings about the investor. The investor is the one who initiates, builds and manages the project and is the name to ensure the prestige and potentials of that project. Thus, if you care about Opal Saigon Pearl project, let’s learn more about the investor of this project.

So who are the powerful men behind this Opal Saigon Pearl project? How is their reputation? What have they invested in? Find out the answers below:

  1. Who are the investors of the project? Are they prestigious?

This project is about high-class complex construction from Saigon Pearl. If you know the housing market of Ho Chi Minh City well, we believe you are familiar with this big name. Sai Gon Pearl has a lot of categories in operation for many years. You can totally rely on the satisfaction of the citizens living there and the obvious raising really value to form your opinions on Saigon Pearl. (belong to phase 3 of Saigon Pearl)

Due to being in the same project, the investor of Opal Saigon Pearl 40-storey building is the company from SSG Group named Vietnamland SSG. SSG Group is one of the most famous corporations in Vietnam regarding real estate. They are also the investor of many everlasting real estate brands which are highly rated by the housing community such as Thao Dien Pearl, Saigon Airport Plaza and Pearl Plaza. Those are super successful projects and are still having great attraction and timelessly increasing value. Whoever lived, experienced, possessed or invested in their projects will understand how reputable they are.

With more than 14 years in this profession, SSG Group has evolved in many activities. Aside from the already successful real estate field, SSG is investing in developing green power, education, exploiting and processing minerals and many other professions. SSG has very clear strategies for each investment they make in order to achieve the best results.

Opal Tower Saigon Pearl

Saigon Pearl project master plan and location of Opal Tower Saigon Pearl

The prestige of Opal Saigon Pearl’s investor is clearly proven by what they’ve done. Thanks to that, this project is highly rated and is gravitating the attention of many customers.

Now, SSG has begun preceding many huge projects aside from Opal Saigon Pearl such as My Dinh Pearl, Binh An Pearl and Cape Pearl. You can regularly visit this website to get more information regarding the famous investor SSG as well as their projects.

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  1. How did SSG invest in Opal Saigon Pearl project?

With their prestige approve, we will now help you have a better understanding of this project.

Opal Saigon Pearl has 40 stories with the 4th to the 39th for a high-class living. The rest are high-class office, commercial center, shop house and some convenience such as: over flow swimming pool, communal activity room and gym.

The starting price for this project is 1620 USD/sqm including a lot of flexible paying policies and intriguing discount. As for booked customers, the chance of receiving special treatment will be higher and more valuable. Also, you will be able to choose your apartment.

As an experienced investor with many tempting benefits from advanced technology, SSG promises to deliver the best to this project and ensure an ideal space for all the people live in it.

We understand whether you invest or live there, you need time to make your decision before buying a high-class apartment. However, you also need to be fast and you can contact us for consulting because there obviously are a lot of people paying attention to it.

Sunwah Pearl is the project next to Opal Saigon Pearl project so you may need to take a look in order to choose your ideal apartment.

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