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How To Determine The Price Of Apartment For Investors

Many condominiums in the market are now being priced very high, you do not distinguish the luxury apartment costing several thousand dollars which different a lot with the apartment.

In addition, many apartment buildings with low price tag are as intense as high-end apartments. Objectively speaking, with the exception of feverish episodes, you can fairly price your home based on an analysis of the factors that Vietnam Real Estate will provide in the article below.

According to We, the price of a condominium is determined based on the factors such as location, reputation of the investor, available infrastructure, legal status, progress of construction, Apartment location, balcony direction, area, time of purchase. By evaluating, commenting and analyzing the above factors, you can fairly explain the price of a condominium (except for certain phases of the house or some particular situation). Now, we will go into the analysis of each specific factor:

Regarding the location of the apartment building

An apartment with beautiful, prime location will increase the price a lot. A beautiful location is in the inner city, on the large streets, the surrounding infrastructure is almost perfect … always considered a land of gold. And of course, the price also makes the buyer “golden eye”. The location factor determines 50% of the price when the seller sells.

Apartment for investors
A prime location project such as Vinhomes Central Park will cost more than other projects

In terms of reputation of the owner

Investor credibility is an important element in evaluating the quality of construction but is ignored by many. An experienced investor and reputable investor always set a higher selling price than other investors, even if they are building in one area.

Regarding the progress of the project

The progress of works depends on the capacity and capital of the investor. To be sure, you can choose to buy condominiums when the rough construction progress has been around 20% to 50% of the building or when the apartment is finished. But sometimes, buy early before the sale you can buy the apartment with the original sale open, low price. As a rule, apartment buildings with fast and stable construction are always traded higher than the common market.

In terms of infrastructure available

The location factor has decided on most infrastructure. Consider the internal infrastructure of the apartment and adjacent infrastructure, beautiful and complete infrastructure, of course, the value of the apartment a lot.

Apartments for investors
The infrastructure of Saigon South is developing, promising to bring more profit to investors in this area


Apartment legal is of paramount importance if you are not able to take the risk, choose the condominiums that have a purchase contract and have roughly built up over 20% of the developers Prestige has been operating many condominiums with densely populated residents. Of course, if you have enough cash, choose the perfect apartment complex is the best.

In terms of quality of works

The contract also shows the quality of the work as well as the type of materials when the construction and finishing. However, considering the neighboring buildings of the same owner is the fastest way to evaluate the quality of the apartment in the future.

Regarding the location of the apartment in the apartment building

Units from floors 8 to 16 are always traded at relatively higher prices than other floors. In Vietnam, there is no concept of high-end apartment is really true (the higher the floor, the more expensive). The highest and lowest floors will usually be relatively cheaper. After fires and helpless firefight with apartments higher than the 18th floor, psychological fear of height is real. Corner apartments with two sides are exposed, they have higher prices.

Considering the direction of the balcony

Apartments for investors
Apartment with nice view balcony will usually cost more than the same floor

With many people buying houses, apartments, balcony direction, doors, windows are also considered important. Buyers tend to choose flats suitable for their year of birth, fortune in Oriental feng shui perspective; Or choose apartments with nice view balcony, such as lake, park, flower garden … or choose the direction cool in summer, warm in winter as southeast. The apartments have balconies with good orientation, beautiful view is priced higher than other floors though.

In terms of area

Apartment prices increase by area of use, the apartments have different areas, corresponding to the number of bedrooms 1-2-3 bedrooms. The two-bedroom apartments and the size of 60sqmto 85sqm are often preferred because it suits the needs of the majority of buyers. The most expensive land is usually about 70sqm, located in the corner with two sides, balcony south east, located on the beautiful floor number 8, 9,10, 12, 16, 18.

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How To Determine The Price Of Apartment For Investors

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