Interior Investment For Foreigners To Rent: A Capital Brings Four Profits?

Investing in high-end apartment buildings for rent by foreigners is one of the hot investment channels that attract many business houses.

Compared to renting a house to a foreigner, renting a home can be said to be a much higher return on investment. Today, more and more foreigners come to live and work in Vietnam, the investment channel in apartment housing for foreigners is growing. If lucky and in the right direction, this job can help you make money from rental apartments.

Rent a house for foreigners: Attractive bargain

Although the procedures are much more complicated, foreigners renting houses are still attracting many investors. The cause of the money they earn for each apartment is several times higher than Vietnamese tenants.

Interior investment for rent to foreigners

Renting foreigners is a very investment channel

Typically, to invest in apartment interior, the owner will have to spend from  VND2 million to VND2.5 million /sqm to equip necessary equipment such as tables and chairs, TV racks, kitchen cabinets, bed, set to be hygienic and decorated. Most of them are from medium to high end, so the purchase price will be slightly more expensive than the furniture.

Although more capital, the price of rental housing can be up to tens or tens of millions. While for Vietnam, this is not a small amount, and if instead of spending such a large amount of rent, they will choose to buy a mortgage.

For foreigners, they can buy a house in Vietnam, but the duration of their ownership is usually only 50 years. In addition, complicated legal procedures are unlikely to settle in Vietnam for many years or not so many people choose to rent apartments rather than buy a house.

Interior investment for rent to foreigners

Legal procedures are one of the factors that make foreigners choose to rent rather than buy a home

Economic integration makes more and more foreigners rent houses in Vietnam, creating a huge demand for rental apartments. Catching up this situation, many bosses have poured investment capital to wait for fruit picking.

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Invest in furniture for rent: Not sure to be a four-word capital

As mentioned, the cost of housing interior investment, in this case, is not small. In addition to the quality of furniture, decorating, arranging and decorating it is not easy. In many cases, the owner has to hire interior designers to fit the customer’s eyes.

On average, after 7 months, the investor can recover the capital, which is only included in the rental investment of the apartment for rent, not including the cost of buying a house and the related costs spent previously. This is the case after the repair, the landlord found the right tenants. If the apartment is wet for several months, the situation will be a little less positive.

Interior investment for rent to foreigners

Investing in furniture for rent is costly because most are medium and high end

In fact, there are many apartments to find guests for half a year cannot be, not because of the lack of supply, but for many other reasons such as the rental price is too high, the host does not know the search termites … And not every foreigner has much money to rent such a high-end apartment.

The issue of the legality of the lease is also very careful. Since the lessor is a foreigner, the contract is usually made in two languages, English and Vietnamese. If you do not know this, it is best for the landlord to seek help from a lawyer to avoid the loss of money to the apartment rental investment.

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