Invest In Apartment District 2 This Time Should Or Should Not?

Investment options in District 2 are a concern of many investors in the real estate market in Saigon today.

According to the statistics of the expert group of apartments in District 2 of General SaleReal, by 2020 market District 2 will receive about 60,000 medium and high class apartments. Of which, 10,000 apartments are expected to be launched in the market later this year, focusing on three main areas: Thu Thiem New Urban Area, Thanh My Loi Area and Nam Rach

The large market supply plus the existing projects in Thao Dien, An Phu – An Khanh, the large supply of District 2 apartments, causing many investors began to worry. Below are the sharing and evaluation of the apartment market in District 2, hoping to contribute to you more information for reference.

Buy District 2 apartment to invest surfing

According to the expert group of District 2 of SaleReal should invest in surfing this period. Currently the supply of apartments has grown. In addition, the end of the year is the period of expansion of investors. According to our statistics the market will receive about 10,000 apartments from here until the end of the year.

In District 2, many investors have policies on contracts for transfer contracts and preferential policies for surfing investors should be liquidity

– 6-month margins will not be high.

Buy District 2 apartments for rent

Large supply will be very competitive rental. Not all projects can be rented at good prices in the same area, same segment, which is what we assert.

Some considerations when choosing investment projects for an apartment building in District 2:

+ Management units are extremely important criteria, especially international management units such as Ascott, CBRE, Savill. They always have a large influx of foreign customers. And

Rental customers also often choose reputable management units.

+ Priority projects with fresh living space, cool near the river is best. Because the trend of living full of green comforts is no longer the style of the country

+ The apartments in District 2 guarantee 1 apartment / 1 car parking

Medium to long term investment and asset accumulation

District 2 is the area with the most potential development in TP. Ho Chi Minh in recent years as well as in the coming time. Many areas here are new, well planned and just formally put into operation. So there are many options to invest according to your needs.

To better understand District 2, we will share areas that are assessed for potential growth in the coming years.

Thu Thiem new urban area

With the fastest and most rapid development in District 2, Thủ Thiêm will be the new administrative center of the city in the near future. If you look at the terrains and the planning of Thu Thiem in the Eastern Quarter in the world, the prospect of Saigon’s East Street is great. Currently, Thu Thiem’s ​​transport infrastructure is almost 100% complete, some urban areas such as Sala of Dai Quang Minh gradually appear more clearly, the villa near the lake near completion. Some luxury apartments already have customers in. They also have complete utility systems, services, park. Empire City of Tran Thai – Tien Phuoc alliance with Keppeland and Eco Smart City of Lotte in subdivision 2B, 2C is about to deploy.

This is the area we evaluated the greatest potential in District 2.

Thạnh Mỹ Lợi area

After many years hiding, the area in Thanh My Loi attracted many investors and as many real estate agents choosing to develop their large projects such as Feliz En Vista – Capital Verde’s Vista Verde, Diamond Island, which always burns after each sale.

Previously, there is only one way to enter Thanh My Loi by passing through Dong Van Cong road that many customers worried because many trucks carrying cargo to Cat Lai port on this route. However, the Saigon Riverside area of ​​Thanh My Loi will build bridges from Diamond Island to Mai Chi Tho which will be deployed at the end of the year. Regional value will increase as the bridge goes into operation.

The Nam Rach Chiếc canal + Gân Golf

Nam Rach Chiec + San Golf is located along the Long Thanh Long Thanh Highway with some projects of large investors such as Lakeview City of Novaland is forming beautiful, the urban area Palm City of Keppeland investor, which is under construction of townhouses and schools, apartments.

At the Rach Chiec golf course, which is over 300 hectares, it will be deployed by Mr. Him Lam at the end of the year, Keppeland’s Saigon Sport City is leveling,

Rach Chiec is also rushing to build timely Seagame 31.

Developed by the great men in financial and prestige potential, the prospects for urban renewal are not far off.

In addition, if you invest in District 2 you should not miss Thao Dien area, the area of ​​successful living and foreigners. As investor Capitaland has just launched DIA Edge 1 apartment in just 1 hour, but there is no product to the table. Although investors have opened more products, prices are not cheap. Investors interested in apartment District 2 should consult to better understand the market of Thao Dien apartment.

You should also note the use of financial leverage in many District 2 apartment projects that are backed by a two-year 0% interest rate to optimize their margins.

In our opinion, you should also pay attention to the good rental projects, which is the added value for the margin and good rental projects proving to be favorite customers, liquidity when selling out will be faster and better.

The above is the sharing information about the market and the dynamic area apartment District 2 of the transfer team apartment District 2 of SaleReal. Hope to help the quarter customers who are in need of investing in apartment district 2.

See more investments information at: Vietnam Real Estate Investments

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