Invest In Cam Ranh Property, There Are 8 Golden Values You Should Keep In Mind

With original beauty, Cam Ranh has attracted a series of investors poured capital into the real estate sector. Cam Ranh Mystery Villas is receiving the attention of a large number of customers and investors thanks to the possession of eight prominent advantages.

Cam Ranh Mystery Villas is a product of Hung Thinh Corporation. This project is attracting investors with rare advantages and opportunities for profitability cannot be better.

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Location at Cam Ranh beach

Cam Ranh Mystery Villas owns the golden spot at Long Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam that anyone has ever come to acknowledge. This is not the advantage of resort projects in any sea. With the resorts are busy day and night building, proving that investors have seen the real value here.

Invest in Cam Ranh property, There are 8 golden values you should keep in mind

Cam Ranh Mystery Villas owns the golden position at Long Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Convenient connectivity

With four main modes of transportation: air, road, rail and in the future, water tours, customers in Saigon, Hanoi or other places can easily move to the Project. Especially, if moving by air, after landing at Cam Ranh airport, customers only take 5 minutes to move to the project to change the wind from the city suffocated to a resort paradise.

100% of the villas have a separate swimming pool and sea view

The villas by the sea, overlooking the sea always have high room rates. With long beachfront project designed with different pitches such as Cam Ranh Mystery Villas, all villas have sea views that will satisfy the requirements of customers and are an asset to investors to invest effectively.

Invest in Cam Ranh property, There are 8 golden values you should keep in mind

Perspective of Cam Ranh villas Mystery Villas

Long-term ownership

One of the top concerns of investors in the real estate sector is that the apartments and villas they buy are permanently owned or are owned only for a limited period of time. As perceived by professionals, long-term or short-term ownership of resort real estate products has a significant impact on the decision of the investor to purchase or not to buy. With Cam Ranh Mystery Villas, customers are completely assured of long-term ownership.

Committed to 8% profit/year

With a type of property value as large as resort villas, the safety factor of cash flow will be a top priority. Comparison between the current investment channels such as the stock up and down erratic, bank deposit interest rates are low, and the gold market is difficult to guess, so customers can completely confidently invest in real estate channel.The total value of the product (excluding VAT) is equal to 8% per annum and the value of the investment will increase over time.

Take advantage of 4-5 star resort

Currently, a large number of resorts are being put into use at Bai Dai. One of the existing advantages that contribute to the value of Cam Ranh Mystery Villas is the location within the resort complex is master plan and layout. A large number of big names are perfecting the vivid images of Bai Dai resort such as Movenpick Cam Ranh Resort, Fusion Resort, The Anam … which is the premise for Cam Ranh Mystery Villas to invest more than ever. In the future, this place will be the “capital resort” of our country.

Invest in Cam Ranh property, There are 8 golden values you should keep in mind

In Cam Ranh Mystery Villas, tourists can stay year-round

Paradise resort is in favor of nature

Khanh Hoa in general and Cam Ranh Mystery Villas in particular are especially fond of nature when over ¾ the time of year is sunny and almost without rain, which beautiful beaches in Danang or Phan Thiet must also dream. In Cam Ranh Mystery Villas, tourists can stay year-round. This is an extremely advantageous condition to maximize the utilization of the property when renting coastal property.

Increased profits from millions of tourists

At present, Khanh Hoa attracts millions of visitors every year. In 2016 alone, more than 1.1 million international visitors out of the total of 10 million international visitors, 4.5 million domestic visitors and over 18 million visitors. Most of these visitors go through Cam Ranh Airport and go through the Cam Ranh Mystery Villas project. This number will be a great opportunity for real estate investors to resort here.

Announcement ceremony & opening Cam Ranh villa Mystery Villas officially took place on 30 April 2017. At the ceremony, guests will be glittering with the largest Flyboard performances in Cam Ranh and Nha Trang with the participation of many famous athletes.

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