Investment Mini Hotel: Sustainable Direction In Ha Long

Real estate is considered as an effective, sustainable and profitable investment channel, especially in the growing tourist areas such as Quang Ninh.

In Ha Long, Boutique Shophouse is located in Sun Group’s Sun Premier Village, Ha Long Bay’s five-star resort complex, which is being sought after by investors for a better return on investment.

Gold, stock or real estate?

Last September, the market witnessed a steep decline in gold prices, causing investors to sell off. In early October, gold prices have fallen dramatically at the bottom. Industry experts said that the precious metals market will face many risks in the end of 2017, which is risky is the ability of the Federal Reserve (Fed) to raise interest rates despite low inflation.

mini-hotel invest

Boutique Shophouse is located in the 5 star Sun Premier Village Ha Long Bay

While the domestic gold market has not yet recovered, depending on the world price of gold, influenced by the political dynamics of large countries, the stock market seems more potential. Although green is expected to be stronger in the second half of this year, Ph.D. Le Xuan Nghia, former vice chairman of the National Financial Supervisory Commission, said: “Restructuring the banking system is difficult, while the operating cost of this sector is high, so the ability to increase lending. Investing in securities will be difficult, as this is a high-risk field”. This is still the investment channel is somewhat risky, because the story “white hands” after a night is not rare.

Money and gold in the population do not deposit interest rates because most bank interest rates move around 5.5% per year, so the traditional investment channel seems to be just money storage, not profit in the future.

“Buy gold is a hole, buy the rich”, looking back, real estate is still the most sustainable investment channels. But to make real estate a place to “pick up money”, there should be the resonance of factors such as prime location, a potential to increase the value of land, suitable for business, rent, special “choosing the gold face” to find a reputable investor …

Mini-hotel invest

Sun Group has launched the Boutique Shophouse.

No more concentrated in the two big cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, real estate investment trends are spreading to the areas of tourism development such as Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Quang Ninh to business accommodation services. In the North, the main focus of investment in resort real estate is Ha Long – Quang Ninh as the land of the continual growth spurt in tourism. In the first nine months of 2017, the province welcomed 7.9 million tourists, an increase of 18% over the same period in 2016, statistics from the Department of Tourism.

Business opportunity mini hotel “picking money”

As tourism grows, the accommodation market will fall into the target of sophisticated investors. Although Ha Long City (Quang Ninh) has continuously increased the number of accommodation rooms, there are still only 17 to 3-5 star hotels, according to the latest data center of the hotel industry Global – STR. Ha Long is witnessing the overload, “burning” the peak season room. There are no 3-5 star hotels to rent, visitors are allowed to stay in small, spontaneous facilities, not standard. This is also one of the reasons that many visitors to the coastal city and always in the day.

Meeting the demand for investment in a three-star hotel in Halong Bay, Sun Group has launched its Boutique Shophouse, located in the high-end Sun Premier Village resort complex, Ha Long Bay, specially designed for mini hotel business.

Mini-hotel invest

The Boutique Shophouse is specially designed for mini business.

In terms of location, there is never any accommodation in the land of the beautiful dragon-like Boutique Shophouse. Located in the resort complex, Boutique Shophouse enjoys all modern 5-star facilities, close to the heart of the trade route – Ha Long Road, Bai Chay Bridge, and Sun World Ha Long Complex. This place will become a tourist resort center, always crowded, busy tourists, especially the high-end guests, high demand for spending, shopping and accommodation. The hotel is located in the resort with international standard facilities never seen in Ha Long or the North.

With this diamond position, if the business mini hotel, Shophouse Boutique owners will benefit from room rates increase 5-7% in Ha Long Bay today. Meanwhile, it is only possible to invest $1,35 million to complete a 21-room luxury hotel, and only after 10 years, investors will earn an average profit of 11% per year.

Another attractive financial leverage for investors is the opportunity to own a business support package valued at VND500 million when they bid early 21/10/2017 – the date of the main event Boutique House Shophouse. If the chance of this rare opportunity, the investor has received a discount of up to half a billion and a firm grasp of the “gold” in the near future.

Mini-hotel invest

Boutique Shophouse enjoys all modern 5-star facilities

11% per year, this figure outweighs the uncertainty of the gold price, the risk of the stock or the low-interest rate of the bank. That is not to mention the added value from land, the trend of increasing room rates continuously when Quang Ninh has Van Don International Airport, a casino complex and is building a special economic zone … The future not far, the line foreign visitors will pour high-end Sun Premier Village resort Ha Long Bay, creating opportunities, great potential for the business mini hotel and shophouse owners. Holding a long-term certificate of ownership, full rights of investment, business, rental in the prime location with view Ha Long Bay, Boutique Shophouse will be rare products, hard to find in the future. Limited to 78 products, guaranteed by the investor Sun Group with the world-class tourism and resort projects, Boutique Shophouse is the wise choice for investors pioneer.

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