Investment Report For Investment Report On Real Estate Market In 2017

In the general context of Vietnam’s economy is going up, is considered a bright spot, perhaps the real estate market in Vietnam is enjoyed and forecast in 2017 is more likely to reach higher than 2016.

Please follow the forecasts below to gain a better view and judgment on the real estate market in 2017.

Will the real estate market of Vietnam in 2017 more develop …?

From the signs of the real estate market in 2016 can see, the real estate market in Vietnam in 2017 will have a stronger professional development. The two segments that are quite strong growth are residential segment and tourism segment. There has been a slight increase in residential property prices, depending on the location of the project, which has not yet made a widening trend across the market.

Opportunity to invest in the real estate market

In 2017, there has been no appearance of the real estate bubble

This shows that the real estate market is not capable of hot price and accumulation of bubbles, especially the situation of urban areas and apartment buildings still exist in considerable quantity. And so, the ability to raise the supply of cheap housing segment is almost impossible to implement.

How will segment of the market be in 2017?

With regard to tourism and convalescent properties, this segment will have strong growth since 2015, promising many opportunities for development. With oversupply being set as an early warning, it was not really alarming.

For the segment of offices for rent, the supply is still consistent with the demand for balance. Demand may increase as the heat of economic development grows, especially in the process of international economic integration being made stronger through many new free trade agreements.

Opportunity to invest in the real estate market

Customers are always interested in the outstanding real estate projects

The segment of retail property, the possibility of increased supply occurs when the retail market in Vietnam is the competition between domestic and foreign investors. However, this market only has a strong impact in large urban areas. On the other hand, in terms of social psychology for the real estate market has changed a lot.

Investors continue to believe the real estate market is the safest investment channel. Accordingly, the proportion of investment in real estate business is greater than investment in use. This is a big difference between 2016 and 2017.

Some forecasts for the real estate market in 2017

Firstly, the real estate segment of tourism and convalescence is still a segment likely to thrive by the participation of many small investors. This will also be a way to bring high and stable investment efficiency. However, individuals who invest should improve their professionalism in choosing the investment location, choosing the investment project and the investor accordingly.

Second, the residential segment is still an important segment of the real estate market, and there is always room for growth because of large demand and insufficient supply. The cheap housing segment was lacked development resources, so the supply was only 20% of the total supply for demand at 80% of aggregate demand. This is a great tragedy in developing the real estate market in Vietnam.

Opportunity to invest in the real estate market

Vietnam real estate market

Third, capital for real estate development is still a very important factor. FDI capital, in general, is higher than the registered level of 2016, of which FDI for real estate development accounts for a large proportion. Domestic credit for real estate development is still the main source of supply, ensuring greater supply due to greater investment opportunities.

Fourth, the Government and the National Assembly have high determination in policy making and amending laws in order to create a more favorable business environment and stronger development of the real estate market in Vietnam.

Fifth, the high price of the real estate market as well as in some segment of the market has not occurred, but with real estate market in 2017 will hotter than real estate market in 2016.

The need to do now is to ensure the transparency and transparency of information on the real estate market as stipulated by the Government. This requires a great deal of effort from regulators and investors. This is a prerequisite to overcome the risks of development investment.

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