Is The Diamond Island Apartment Worth To Buy?

What is special about the Diamond Island Apartment? What are the benefits of buying the Diamond Island Apartment? What are the reasons why you should buy the Diamond Island Apartment?

Diamond Island which is dubbed a paradise on the ground is a choice of many successful entrepreneurs and customers who want to enjoy a modern and comfortable. Diamond Island converge all unique factors that give your family a life with the highest level and combination with the simple nature.

Diamond Island District 2 – The only island in the heart of the crowded city

Diamond Island Apartment is strategically located in the heart of District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. It is adjacent to Thu Thiem new urban area, the new financia,l and administrative center of the city.

Diamond Island is a rare isolation project with three sides bordering the river. It is surrounded by Saigon River and Giong Ong To River, along with a protective forest strip in front of them, it opens up a very pure and abundant space.

Because most of the infrastructure in District 2 has been completed, the traffic is extremely convenient and fast. This is also the reason why the Diamond Island project is attractive to customers. In there, you can easily connect to both land and water.

Top service utilities, luxury resorts in the heart of the city

Duong Quoc Nam businessman, a resident of Diamond Island, commented: “It is the unique living environment in Ho Chi Minh City and a luxury resort in the heart of the city.”

The Diamond Island Apartment project was designed with top and friendly service utilities. The collective services such as children’s playground, BBQ grill, pool overflow, green park … help families to have more fun moments with relatives and family

In addition, the owner of the Diamond Island project also built a special medical center to provide health care for the residents living in this place.

Jogging tracks, tennis and badminton courts, yoga and gym rooms are also systematically planned. You just step out the door is that you were able to immediately enjoy the special care with a great quality.

Diamond Island District 2

The complex of excellence, perfect at Diamond Island District 2

Diamond Island was designed by Arata Isozaki – a famous Japanese architect

Finding a harmony between people and nature is always a top concern of every project. A place where is a good Feng Shui also contributes to helping the owner of the apartment to live peacefully, year-round ambient. The Diamond Island project apartment is such a place.

It was inspired by the design of Arata Isozaki, the famous Japanese architect turned the apartments into a place full of all elements of nature such as wind and light. In there, Feng Shui is very good. It helps owners be always full of energy, comfortable feeling in life.

Variety of areas with a variety of designs to help you choose freely

The Diamond Island Apartment project which is managed and operated by Ascott Group has a luxury design, the standard of a luxury apartment. Therefore, all rooms are arranged and designed extremely reasonable to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

It has the total of 1234 apartments consist of 6 distinct subdivisions: Brilliant Court, Bora Bora, Bahamas, Canary, Hawaii, Maldives. With a wide area ranging from 55 m2 to 450 m2 with various designs from 1 to 4 bedrooms, you can comfortably choose to suit your purpose.

Diamond Island District 2

5-star interior architecture at Diamond Island District 2

Kusto Home – Prestigious brand in the real estate market

The official owner of the Diamond Island project is Kusto Home, a real estate company owned by Kusto Group.

Kusto Group is a multi-sectoral international investment group. Headquartered in Singapore operates in a variety of areas, but it is prominent in terms of investment and construction of well-known local and regional services.

With a team of professional nationals in over 20 countries, this group has invested in building many large and small projects and achieved great achievements. This further affirms the prestige of the Diamond Island project to customers in need.

Attractive payment method

You only need to pay 30% to be able to get home immediately and will pay the remaining 70% after 2 years without interest.

Diamond Island Apartment is one of the most attractive projects and currently gain much interest from real estate investors inside and outside area. Ordering an apartment here in the soonest time will maximize your benefits.

Happiness anymore when we wake up in a quiet space, enjoy the beautiful natural scenery every morning. Diamond Island proud to offer an ideal environment for all members of your family.

Enjoy a true life every day!

Empire City Apartment District 2 is also a perfect choice along with Diamond Island District 2.

You can read more investments information at: Vietnam Real Estate Investments

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