Kenton Node Project: Condotel Apartment Hotel Is Worth Investing In District 7

Choosing a profitable, stable and less risky investment channel is a tricky investment for investors. Today, the Kenton Node Condotel Hotel is receiving a lot of attention from investors. So why is not this project officially launched so attractive?

2017 – the race of the Condotel project

Condotel concept: Condotel is a combination of apartment and hotel models, one of the super-products are heating up the resort real estate market today.

The Condotel style is often used for profit and relaxation in the form of: “Investment – Vacation – For Rent – Exchange”. This is one of the forms of investment quite new to new investors entering the profession.

Condotel in Vietnam: CBRE’s Marc Townsend says Condotel is becoming one of the most promising real estate investment trends in the near future. Condotel products give Vietnamese investors a richer choice in the real estate market. This is also a profitable business direction, good service and potential in Vietnam. It is interesting to note that Condotel investment in Vietnam is trending not only to attract domestic capital flows but also to the product segment that has attracted international investors.

Kenton Node project

The condotel model is very popular abroad, but this is still a new type in Vietnam

Factors to consider when investing in Condotel: Foreign investors in the Condotel Vietnam market research will pay attention to the brand owner, design partners, management operations. In addition, reasonable product prices, good bank rates, stable inflation rates, high-profit margins as well as strong profitability in the rapidly growing tourism market are Plus of condotel in Vietnam.

Earnings from Condotel may be higher than 9%: In the long term, the trend of holiday rental apartments will grow well. With many families, the proportion of pledged profits from Condotel is quite attractive. According to CBRE:

  • 9% per year is a high level of commitment. And if the market continues to move in a positive direction today, it is likely that the return will not be as high as 9% per year but higher.
  • Make a comparison of Condotel investment with depositing money into the bank will see. Depositing money into a bank may yield higher interest rates, but the increase in property values can not be equal to resort real estate products such as Condotel.
  • Not to mention, depending on the time, the savings interest rate is lower than the commitment of the investor. Clearly, the promise of profitability and added value of a good future product is the visible resource when choosing a resort property rather than investing in a bank.

What does the Kenton Node project have investment opportunities?

Kenton Node is the project marking the time of re-export market of Resources Company. With scale, unique design, integrating many types of investment. This place will become an attractive destination for investment inside and outside the country.

The whole project has 9 buildings, built in an area of 10.8 ha, including 50 unique internal facilities with many investment items such as apartment, apartment, shophouse, 5-star hotel. , … very suitable investment in the future.

Investing  in the Kenton Node shophouse

With a super-scale, Shophouse Kenton Node is becoming a potential investment channel in the industry to seek. This type of business is very commercial. The special focus on other projects is that the Kenton Node shophouse is built on a large scale, harmonious architectural planning with the whole project, the target customers are the high-income people, upper-class Save and well-off, …

It can be said that this is an ideal investment channel because customers who have both houses to have a shop or business to rent. The number of shophouses in Kenton Node is not much, investors do not open rampant, this type is becoming an attractive investment channel, bringing stable economic effect.

Kenton Node project

Shophouse’s perspective at Kenton Node

Investing in the Kenton Node apartment

Buying a Kenton Node apartment for investment will be profitable for the following reasons:

Kenton Node owns a prime location on the backbone of the South – Nguyen Huu Tho Area, where the occupancy rate is high due to the large number of immigrants entering the area, mainly foreigners, experts live and work in Vietnam.

Kenton Node owns more than 50 local amenities, including the first of its kind in Ho Chi Minh City such as Vietnam’s largest water show, outdoor stage, “Nha Be, … will certainly attract large numbers of residents to live here and work.

In 2016, rents in the region recorded a slight increase of 5-10% depending on the project. With the current real estate market warming up, it is possible that the rent will not stop there.

Compared to a fixed deposit rate of 6-7% but with a risk of falling over time, investing in Kenton Node is a long-term, capital safe and profitable high investment.

Investing in Condotel Kenton Node

Unlike the condominium hotel, the Condotel at Kenton Node serves as a functional, serviced apartment. It is fully equipped with convenient services like a five-star hotel such as: Booking system, restaurant, swimming pool, shop, 24/24 room service … to meet the demand of permanent residence or residents.

After signing the contract, if not used up, customers can join the timeshare program. When participating in the form of timeshare, investors will receive a stable interest rate from the rental of their hotel. All things from looking for tenants, operating condotel management at the Kenton Node Hotel Complex will have a separate management, investors will not have to bother about anything.

Every quarter, every year there will be a pre-committed profit from the investor flowing into the account. Investors have just had an effective lucrative channel and have time for other things. An excellent investment channel that generates passive income.

Advantage when investing in Kenton Node project

Today, the number of tourists to Ho Chi Minh City is increasing, hotels in the central area are overloaded. So many visitors or service providers have chosen the hotel apartments located not too far from the center and booking. The more you rent, the faster your return on investment.

According to the current market, the number of hotel apartments in Kenton Node is quite small, so if the investment in the moment, the possibility of price increases are very large. Customers can easily transfer or resell to another investor when the opportunity, profit immediately.

Kenton Node project

Kenton Node is a large-scale property project with diversified investment

Kenton Node is not only suitable for investors with revolving funds but also suitable for those who prefer comfortable living space, luxury but it not too far from the center.

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