New Investment Centre Of Saigon Real Estate – What Are The Property In Real Estate District 4?

District 4 real estate is a growing market for customers due to its strategic location and high-end real estate products.

The real estate market in District 4 is considered to be quite potential due to its location in the heart of the city, with many suitable land plots to develop high-end projects to meet today’s demand. In addition, compared with other districts bordered with District 1 – the administrative center, District 4 emerged as a gateway to the thriving Saigon South.

Development of District 4 infrastructure and bridges connecting the banks developed

District 4 is considered as the emerging place of a new urban area, one of the most active areas in the long term, so the policy of the city will focus on facilitating the development of advanced infrastructure here.

Plans and projects have been developed to upgrade infrastructure system in District 4 contributing to change the face of the city where it is: Renovation of the urban quadrangle Huang Dieu – North – Le Van Linh extension – Vinh Khanh; widen Nguyen Tat Thanh road towards Sai Gon port; expand and upgrade Ton Dan Street; Complete the project design for Thu Thiem Bridge, Nguyen Khoai, Tran Dinh Xu Bridge (connecting District 7, District 4 with District 1) to clear the traffic on the district 4. The construction of these bridges greatly impacts the value of the apartment projects in the area, especially the projects located near these new bridges.

real estate in District 4

Traffic infrastructure is gradually improving in District 4

New changes in this infrastructure are seen as a new impetus, opening the way between District 4 and District 2, At the same time, traffic from District 4 to the districts of the East will also be more open and convenient, making the region’s development potential to a new height.

Central area but still green living environment

Growth along with the rapid urbanization of large cities led to the narrowing of landholdings in the inner city. Because the land fund shrinks mean that the area reserved for trees, entertainment in the inner city also decreases accordingly. Consequently, the demand for living spaces and the center of a green living environment are of particular interest to investors.

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The terrain of District 4 is surrounded by three riversides, which are likened to the image of a small islet in the heart of Saigon. According to the policy of urban development until 2020 of the city, District 4 is and will be planned development in the form of renovation and construction of modern buildings, ventilation and combined with community service works and green park system, utilities and complete life, from which gradually formed a living space with the friendly community.

real estate in District 4

Neighboring communities create green space for District 4

Thus, not only economic development and transportation, in the future District 4 will also be a “green lung” of the city, bearing bold culture of the South with many parks renovated and planning along the channels are in green every day. There are big parks such as Ho Khanh Hoi Park with 17.6 ha, Cu Lao Nguyen Kieu with 2.7 hectares, park along Kenh Te, Ben Nghe Canal, … will increasingly prosperous, sustainable in District 4.

Projects in District 4 are speeding to deliver on time and attractive sales policies

Understanding the policy of planning and development of the city, the famous investors have quickly developed real estate projects in District 4. As a result, the real estate market here is showing signs of enthusiasm for quality products, which customers appreciate in terms of location, development strategy, unique design, utility, quality and construction in schedule.

In addition, the developers are also focusing on speeding up the construction process to launch more high-quality products. But based on the motto choose reasonable profit to sustainable development, creating prestige with the customer is the main. Therefore, the high-end project investors in District 4 have launched many highly attractive policies for customers such as the high discount on the price or give customers gifts luxury, expensive with flexible sales policy attractive. Customers come to these projects will have many advantages and will be served consultations dedicated. Therefore, District 4 will be an area that continues to attract more customers and contributes significantly to the liquidity of the market.

real estate in District 4

District 4 market is extremely active with new projects

Typical examples of this trend in District 4 include The Gold View (346 Ben Van Don, Ward 1, District 4, HCMC). The Gold View project has large scale and land area and has made a remarkable mark on the market when it has won many international awards. This project also fulfills many criteria of “high living” with the facilities such as swimming pool, garden, shopping center, park, green area, children’s play area and community living rooms which are of the largest size compared to other projects in the same segment in District 4. Especially in addition to the preferential policies of interest when buying apartments The Gold View, the project investors often launch incentive programs with attractive prizes for customers.

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