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Office-tel The Sun Avenue: “Opening” For Investors By The Schedule Of 1.5%/Month

Office-tel The Sun Avenue

Novanda Group has announced a new sales program when the buyers buy office-tel –The Sun Avenue (District 2): pay 1.5% / month and discount up to 12% if they choose special payment schedule. Office-tel costs from 1.3 billion are also considered the attractive price of property right at the peninsula Thu Thiem.

Office-tel The Sun Avenue – Current market

Seeing the great commercial potential from economic integration, investors say that Office-tel – the office model cum utility – is becoming the tastes of both investors and consumers. Satisfying tastes is Office-tel The Sun Avenue – Thu Thiem peninsula, front Mai Chi Tho (District 2). In particular, the flexible payment scheme of 1.5% per month of this project will help customers to buy more favorable financial planning, positive impact on the decision of buying long-term investors, young business …

Office-tel The Sun Avenue
Office-tel The Sun Avenue occupies three floors in each tower, with separate elevator and lounge.

Singer My Linh, who purchased Office-tel The Sun Avenue, said: “I believe that the wave of foreign investment is pouring into Vietnam means many foreign experts will also come here, then the demand for rent very high Often they come to work will work short, there is no need in the apartment is too large because it is quite empty, so I think that Office-tel investment to serve this object perfectly reasonable. “I like Office-tel because it is not limited to working time, can deal with foreign customers at any time,” – Mr. Chi Thuan, working in high-tech district 9, share.

 The Sun Avenue – High-value connectivity

Office-tel The Sun Avenue
Office-tel – office model cum convenience place is becoming tastes in the market.

With more than 500m of Mai Chi Tho frontage, District 2, The Sun Avenue is the area – commercial – service busiest area. In it, the Office-tel The Sun Avenue occupies 3 floors in each tower, with an elevator and a separate lounge. Below the building is a commercial center of more than 2,000m, will add convenience in living and trading for guests in the Office-tel. In addition, guests at the Office-tel are also inherited full luxury facilities of the complex as apartment residents, including gym, swimming pool … In addition, the office model in the complex Multi-functional security is ensured thanks to the security control system and the professional building management system.

Currently, the performance of the Office-tel The Sun Avenue is expected to reach 8-12% per year, even higher when Thu Thiem urban area and post-TPP positive economic results come into reality.

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