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Real Estate Industry Welcome “Wave” Investment

The trend of industrial estate

It is predicted that the wave of foreign investment will flow as Vietnam enters into bilateral and multilateral Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). Enterprises have boldly poured capital into investment in the construction of public parks…

The trend of industrial estate
Real estate industry welcome wave investment

Take the opportunity

Up to the end of June, the country has 16 economic zones with the total area of land, the water surface of 814,792 hectares and 313 industrial parks with a total natural land area of over 88,000 hectares. Of which, 60,000 ha can be leased, accounting for 68% of the total land area.

To date, 218 industrial parks have been put into operation, with a total natural land area of nearly 60,000 hectares and 95 industrial parks, which are in the process of compensation for site clearance and capital construction with a total land area. more than 28,000 hectares.

The total area of industrial land for lease has reached over 28,500 ha, an occupancy rate of 49%. Particularly, the industrial parks have been put into operation. The occupancy rate is nearly 70%.

According to statistics, about 44% of research units choose Vietnam as the investment destination due to the large domestic market, 29% of the reason is low operating costs and 18% of the labor force well.

When participating in the TPP, many foreign investors will come to Vietnam to open their businesses, because they want to make the most of cheap labor, and in particular, take advantage of the preferential treatment of origin provided by the TPP to reach a large market, more than 800 million people, accounting for 40% of GDP and nearly 30% of global trade.

Additional support policy is required

The trend of industrial estate

In fact, not all industrial zones have received a lot of attention from manufacturers, leading to the construction of factories, especially for foreign investors. Besides, the industrial zones have been synchronously invested in terms of infrastructure, electricity and water supply.

Apart from the general preferences of the State for each industrial zone, foreign investors also pay attention to the network of suppliers of raw materials and auxiliary materials available for the operation of factories in industrial parks or are not.

At the same time, they are also interested in both the procedures for granting investment licenses in industrial parks are airy, the license time to meet the progress of the project implementation or not.

However, besides the investor’s efforts, the preferential mechanisms reserved for industrial zone development should be more clear and encouraging to help enterprises overcome difficulties due to the mechanism They have to invest in a small scale, not bring many benefits to the local.

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