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Rental Investment In Diamond Island: The Profit Margin Can Be Up To 8%

Diamond Island Project

Brilliant Tower in stage 1 of Diamond Island, including 250 luxury apartments completed and sold 100%. At present, the average rent for this tower is as follows:

Apartment with one bedroom: average rental price from VND 11 million -16 million.

Apartment with two bedrooms: the average rental price of VND 19 million.

Apartment with 3 bedrooms: the average rental price of VND 25 million.

Diamond Island Project
Photo of the Brilliant Light Tower – Brilliant after completion has been noted by Rever

Notably, the object owners find a residence in this light tower is the top businessmen in Ho Chi Minh City as Nguyen Kim’s owner,  Pho Xinh’s owner, etc. The number of tenants in the Anh Thuong Tower in general and Diamond Island, in particular, are foreigners holding high management positions at major multinational corporations in Vietnam. The location of the building, separated by smoke, pollution and city noise, together with 80% of the green living space. They are factors that foreigners consider when choosing Diamond Island as their new destination for family, helping children develop similarly to the green environment in their homeland.

From the above factors and the transport infrastructure is rapidly improving in the next two years, plus the preferential loan from the Techcombank guarantee bank, the rate of return on investment here is currently divided financial ratios determined at 6% – 7%.

In addition, Ascott, the unit that manages the serviced apartment in Diamond Island, together with Kusto Home, pledged to lease the apartment to secure a profit of 8% per year. This is an important factor for investors, the worry about the idle time of the property and the search for tenants, management and they will be significantly reduced. And the guarantee of investment in Diamond Island is profitable over time in many respects.

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Rental Investment In Diamond Island: The Profit Margin Can Be Up To 8%

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