Reply Questions When Investing In Phu Quoc Premier Village Investment

As we already know, investing in real estate is developing in many countries in the world, and in recent times it has gradually introduced into Vietnam. Before deciding to invest in any project, investors are considered and carefully considered.

As we all know, the project of Premier Village Phu Quoc villa is one of the villas that bring in all the comforts and space of the design and beauty that it brings to all visitors when coming Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort. Therefore, in recent times, the villa project Premier Village Phu Quoc has received a lot of attention not only the media but also many investors.

Because of the special interest of the investors, the Sun Group project owner has received many questions and inquiries from customers who want to invest in the villas in the Premier Village of Phu Quoc.

So what are the questions and concerns about the Premier Village in Phu Quoc? How to answer the questions and questions? Soon we will go and find out.

When will we receive income from our commitment to the rental agreement at the Premier Village Phu Quoc Villas?

The customer’s response will be answered shortly.

In order to receive the rental income of the investor, when buying sea villas need to meet the conditions that: the customer must pay 95% of the value of the sea villas and receive the handover villa. And immediately after 10 days since you paid 95% you can get rental income already. Very easy right?

So, during the Commitment to receiving income for renting villas in the Premier Village in Phu Quoc, do we have to pay any other costs?

You are absolutely sure, because during the commitment period of rental income, all expenses are included in operating expenses. So you will get about 9% per year at no extra cost.

Do we – investors have the right to inspect financial operations?

Regarding this question, you are completely safe, because once you have joined the Sun Group leasing program managed and operated by Accor Hotels, all investors have the right to see, review and audit the annual financial statements of the service provider.

So, besides the promise of investment profit to lease at Premier Village Phu Quoc, what are our incentives?

Every investor who becomes the owner of any of the villas at Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort will receive a great deal of incentives. In addition to the commitment to receive 9% per year, you will also receive great incentives such as: you can exchange holidays in other resorts with the Sun Group system in the country.

Specifically as follows: Upon completion of the contract, investors will be awarded a program that is “Excellent experience” worth up to $10,000. So you can freely choose the package tour package for 2 people for a period of 6 days and 5 nights in the United States or you can choose the program “Excellent experience” 1 night at the villa which is super class such as Hibiscus, Ixora or Frangipani – the most luxurious resort in the world. Not only that, the investors will be participating in the VIP membership system of the Sun Group with all major privileges.

Can I transfer my villas at Phu Quoc Premier Village to others during lease time?

During the lease period all customers can transfer their villas in accordance with the law.

So can I transfer the villas that I own in common?

Every customer who buys villas in the Premier Village of Phu Quoc will be assigned a share of the purchase of common villas, so you can rest assured.

The 10 year commitment is that, but after 10 years, how will our property like?

The 10-year lease with a profit of 9% per annum is no longer debated because once you participate in the Rental Program, the Sun Group Owner will guarantee your villa will always be managed and maintained in accordance with the 5 stars standard. And so even after 10 years, every customer is completely assured that you will receive a new sea villa.

I have the desire to buy the mansion in the Premier General Phu Quoc Village with friends or relatives, there is not?

The investor of Premier Village Phu Quoc project is always open to all investors, so that you can co-own the villas with friends or relatives. All owners will jointly sign a contract of sale and related documents, so your question is completely assured that is resolved.

With all policies and incentives for investors to invest in Premier Village Phu Quoc, what is indecisive you are, come immediately with Premier Village Phu Quoc to be a smart investor.

You can read and see more investment information at: Vietnam Real Estate Investment

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