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Scale Of the Victoria Village Novaland Project In District 2

How is the Vitoria Village project of Novaland investor planned and invested? Let Real Estate Express find out the scale of this project.

Recently, the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City is “hotter and hotter” with the appearance of many large projects. In particular, it cannot be ignored the name of the project attracting a lot of interest of people: the Victoria Village Apartment project in District 2, designed and invested to develop by the Novaland Corporation. This is a project that holds many advantages about both the location and the outstanding facilities inside and outside the Victoria Apartments. This place is promised to be an ideal long-term residence for you and your family, which provides a green environment and the best education for all.

What is the total area of the Victoria Village Novaland project in District 2?

The project is built near Saigon River, located at the junction of the 4 most prominent street of Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2: Dong Van Cong Street, Truong Van Bang Street, Lam Quang Ky Street and Nguyen Mong Tan Street. Besides, Victoria Village Apartment in District 2 is also located in the busiest urban area in the center of District 2: the Thanh My Loi Urban Area. The Novaland Group builds and develops apartments with a large area of the alley of Sai Thanh up to 4.27 hectares while the total area of the low floor area is about 2.44 hectares and the total area of high-rise area is 1.82 hectares. In addition, the Novaland Group is very concerned about the green living environment in the apartment, so it should have spent about 1,536sqm of the total area of the apartment to build the green park on the campus of the Victoria Apartment and the traffic system around the apartment with the area of 649sqm. It can be said that the Victoria Village project is one of the projects owned a prime location in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City. With these advantages, you must have imagined the scale of the project, right?

Victoria Village
The overall surface of Victoria Village

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The design scale of each part of the Victoria Village Novaland in District 2

Compared with other apartment projects in District 2, the Victoria Village Novaland Apartment complex is quite wide (4.27 hectares) and it is divided into the specific areas such as the area for the apartment, the area for townhouses and villas, the area to build green parks and roads around the apartment. With this decision, it can be seen that Novaland investors and their partners have carefully considered bringing a balanced home in terms of both construction density and area for utilities to create the green space when living in Victoria Apartment. The living space is very harmonious and not messy or picky, right? As expected, by the end of this year, Novaland Group will supply out of the real estate market of Ho Chi Minh City about 1,044 luxury apartments and 92 townhouses and villas from the Victoria Luxury Apartments. Village project in District 2 will bring people living in Ho Chi Minh City have many choices of green living space and ideal location on the developing routes of the city. Coming to Victoria Village, you can have many choices of living space. If you are a person who prefers quietness, you may be interested in one of the 27 adjacent Novaland townhouses to enjoy the comfortable space in the townhouse and villa here. If you are a person who likes a private lifestyle of class and wants to enjoy the value of life, you will not have to be afraid of not finding any such apartments. Coming to Victoria Village District 2, you will have the choice of one of the 49 duplex villas or 16 fully independent villas designed in Singaporean modern trendy.

For the other apartments in the Victoria Village Novaland project in District 2, do not worry about noise and overcrowding. You can absolutely assure that there will not be a problem occurring because when providing real estate market more than 1000 apartments before construction investors have thoroughly investigated these issues. The project has divided the boundaries between the zones so as not to affect the daily life of the residents. The Victoria Village Apartment project is divided into four blocks with 24 blocks in each. Each block is divided into separate areas scientifically, from the 4th floor to the 24th floor all are residential apartments for residents, the 1st floor and the 2nd floor are for shopping areas and the 3rd floor is for internal facilities such as gym, kindergarten, … At present, the Victoria Village Novaland project in District 2 is going to be completed and opened the first sale on April 8th , 2017 with many suitable rates and a lot of policy incentives of corporation bringing to customers. It can be said that this project will attract a lot of customers from different market segments.

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Scale Of the Victoria Village Novaland Project In District 2

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