Serenity Sky Villas A High Bright Architecture

Serenity Sky Villas Project is a top-notch masterpiece architecture created by Son Kim Land

Following in the succession of large and small projects from South to North across Vietnam, prominent projects such as Gateway, Empress Tower, Sentinel Place …, Son Kim Land recently launched a super market a new products make all the attention for the real estate. Researched and developed carefully, Son Kim Land has built a unique work, a masterpiece architectural top: “Serenity Sky Villas.”

It can be said that to date, the Serenity Sky Villas project is one of the most prestigious villas in Ho Chi Minh City. With only 45 units, it can be said that the villa is reserved exclusively for the upper classes.

So what have the unique Serenity Sky Villas created such a reputation as the most? Soon after, we’ll go look for answers.

Who is the owner of Serenity Sky Villas?

Right at the beginning we have known that the owner of the villa project Serenity Sky Villas is the company Son Kim Land – a real estate company leading the market in Vietnam. Bring in your business strategy is to focus on luxury apartments and luxury to make the difference only Son Kim Land. It can be said that until now the strategy is very successful.

With the talent, experience and prestige of the investor SonKim Land is sure to officially complete the project Serenity Sky Villas will be one of the most prestigious villas in Ho Chi Minh City.

So what are the partners of Son Kim Land to create a top Serenity Sky Villas?

In addition to the reputation investors, Son Kim Land’s partners are equally famous, typically referred to as: architecture and interior design is Urbnarc – very prominent in the design and architecture. . The main landscape design is the SALA Design Group, one of the well-known structural design companies, ICIC, along with well-known interior contractors, Aurecon. It can be said that all Serenity Sky Villas’ partners are very reputable in business. This collaboration with Son Kim Land is sure to be a collaborative effort to create a unique and perfect work.

What is the design of the Serenity Sky Villas?

Serenity Sky Villas is considered one of the projects that owns a very unique and modern design. All apartments at Serenity Sky Villas are researched and designed in the smallest details.

Serenity Sky Villas has only 45 apartments, ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms and a Penthouse. All rooms are very spacious and airy thanks to the maximum use of wind and air. The apartments have a swimming pool, garden, garage and a private balcony.

Luxurious Living Room: The living room is laminated with marble flooring that will bring out the most elegance and courtesy when guests come and create the warmth of family and friends.

Fully-equipped kitchen: all kitchen appliances fully equipped with cooker hoods, ovens, microwaves and gas cookers are all provided by the most reputable suppliers. Help the housewives to cook up the best meals for family and relatives.

Elegant Bedrooms: The bedrooms at Serenity Sky Villas have an extremely elegant space, marble flooring and wall cabinets that give residents the most comfortable sleep after a long day of tired work.

Light bath: with the bath accessories and bathroom accessories are taken from the well-known titles along with the synchronized equipment that will give the residents immerse themselves in a great space. .

Not only that, each apartment has a separate path for servants and each floor is only about 3-6 units will bring the most satisfaction for you.

Serenity Sky Villas

Perfect Utilities at Serenity Sky Villas

What are the benefits of Serenity Sky Villas?

The project of Serenity Sky Villas offers the residents the perfect facilities such as luxurious restaurants, gyms, spas, swimming pools, hospitals, shopping centers, cinemas and historic sites … promising these utilities will give residents the ultimate luxury and full of life.

With a very unique design and utilities, what is the price of Serenity Sky Villas?

Up until now, Serenity Sky Villas has not been able to offer a specific price. But it is expected that the price of commercial flats will range from $17.391/sqm to $21.739/sqm and the expected price for residential homes ranges from $217/sqm to $304/sqm.

The term of use is permanent for Vietnamese and 50 years for foreigners. So with a reasonable price like this, it would certainly be very favorable for the purchase of future owners are not.

With reasonable price as well as modern design unique, Serenity Sky Villas will certainly give residents here the most valuable life.

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