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Suspended Construction Of Da Nang Marina Because No Environment It Does Not Evaluate The Impact Of Environment

Marina Da Nang

On September 13, Department of Construction Da Nang City said it had decided to suspend the construction of the Marina Marina complex and Marina Complex Da Nang because investors have not carried out environmental impact assessment procedures and have not properly implemented construction, no technical guarantee.

Earlier, on September 1, PV had a post reflecting “false cheating at the marina and complex Marina Complex Danang, reflecting the leveling, encroaching the river is not performing correctly design, risk not quality assurance. Right at the project site, previously there was a breakwater stone embankment, foot embankment 3-7m wide (depending on shallow location).

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In the construction design, the construction unit forced to unload and transport to another place the entire embankment 731m long stone, approximately 5.200 m3 volume before pouring, leveling. However, the status of this dike is not unloaded, transported to other places. If the original status of sediment or rock such as the ground leveling is not only safe, not technically secure but will be a “trap” for people – owners of that land later. When allocating land, customers have to dig a foundation, build villas or construct high buildings … will certainly spend a lot of time, costs for the demolition and transportation of this original stone embankment work well.

Marina Da Nang
Deceitful execution at the marina and complex Marina Complex Danang

Da Nang Construction Inspectorate has been in the process of identifying the incident as accurate. Marina Complex Da Nang is located in front of Han River, on Le Van Duyet – Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City. This is a complex of business houses, riverside villas, condotels, 5-star marinas, commercial areas, parking lots, parks, walkways … on a total area of 11, 7ha. The investor is Da Nang Marina Company Limited.

The project is sold aggressively with the price of apartments, villas from $130.435 to $260.870 billion, land allocation, houses to customers by the end of 2017, early 2018.

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