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The Damages When Buying A House In The Future

Risks when buying a home in the future

The financial guarantee policy for a future bank-formed real estate, namely home mortgages, has created an opportunity for investors to make money from deceiving customers.

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Buying a house in the future is a relatively new concept, attracting the attention of many in the real estate sector. This can help investors have the capital to carry out the project, and buyers will soon be handed over the house. In the event of a risk that the project can not be completed, the buyer will be reimbursed the full amount of the contract. It sounds pretty reasonable, but does the buyer avoid the risk and risk of losing the house when it is still in its infancy?

Vin on the bank policy to deceive the buyer

According to the draft of the bank policy for future houses, when the investor can not hand over the house to the buyer on time, the bank will assume responsibility for construction and handover works. However, this policy was not adopted because of too much opposition. Therefore, the bank is only responsible for financial guarantee so that the project is implemented on schedule, not related to the construction or handover and also not guarantee the quality of products.

However, when providing information to customers, many investors are still cheating on this policy. Is this not a bluff trick?

According to the law, investors are only allowed to bring the red book of the project to the mortgage bank for a one time loan, but many businesses have been able to borrow up to 2 times thanks to the mortgaged property The household has sold to the buyer. Bank policy, in this case, is still a loophole exist?

Risks when buying a home in the future
False information on bank policy to trick buyers

Carefully lost

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Clause (1b) of Article 12 of Circular No. 07/2015 / TT-NHNN stipulates that when commercial banks provide guarantees to real estate project investors for sale, lease or house purchase In the future, “in the contract of sale and purchase of dwelling house signed between the investor and the buyer, the lessee shall have to issue an obligation to refund the money to the purchaser or the lessee when Investors breach the obligation to hand over the house in accordance with the schedule committed to the purchaser and the lessee. ” So this is not the business owner will sign the home purchase contract with customers before the bank guarantee?

According to Mr.Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association, customers are likely to lose their investment in this type of housing. Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu, a financial expert, said that Vietnamese homebuyers are being appropriated and will suffer a lot of damage when the investor defaults.

In fact, there have been many people buying houses for decades but still have not been issued red books and land use rights, even the status of a house sold to many people. Meanwhile, the authorities are still quite confused in the process, the application of administrative procedures and policies Laws are cumbersome, slow and ineffective.

Finally, “thanks to” bank policy for financing the project plus inaccessible, inaccurate information that the buyer only knows bitter and accepts to lose money.

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